YSRCP govt failed to resolve people's concerns in 100 days: Pawan Kalyan's Jana Sena

"There are disappointments in every sector including education, agriculture, housing and economic development," Pawan Kalyan said.
YSRCP govt failed to resolve people's concerns in 100 days: Pawan Kalyan's Jana Sena
YSRCP govt failed to resolve people's concerns in 100 days: Pawan Kalyan's Jana Sena
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Actor-politician Pawan Kalyan's Jana Sena Party (JSP) on Saturday issued a detailed document with its review of the YSRCP government in Andhra Pradesh, which completed 100 days in power.

"People have invested lot of faith on the new government formed after the elections. We have given enough time to the government to see whether it is moving forward as per people's needs and aspirations. The new government has failed to resolve the people's concerns in 100 days. The administration is not running in a planned manner," Pawan Kalyan said in a statement, in his opening remarks. 

"There are disappointments in every sector including education, agriculture, housing and economic development. People have come to a conclusion in the last five years that Amaravati is the capital of new state. The ruling party's attitude towards the capital city is detrimental to the development. It is not fair," he added.

Speaking about the YSRCP's decisions on the Polavaram project, Pawan said, "They are encouraging additional burden to the exchequer and abnormal delay in the project works, which can be avoidable."

"It is not our policy to make political allegations day in and day out, criticising the administration. We have collected complete details analytically and we are placing the truth in front of the people authoritatively. We express our dissent over the attitude of the government in not maintaining transparency and promoting its hidden agenda in every issue," Pawan added.

JSP also suggested that the Polavaram issue could have been handled in a better manner, stating that, "The government's failure in the management of water resources is clearly visible."

The Jana Sena highlighted various issues, the first being the delay of the state government in announcing a new sand policy, which the party said, led to the collapse of the construction sector.

"Supply of sand was stopped without proper planning and clear action plan. The government has imposed a complete ban on sand mining till the new policy was approved by abolishing the existing sand policy on July 11," the JSP said, pointing out that it led to a unemployement among labourers, and a crisis.

The JSP also raised concerns over the fate of the state's economic growth, and said that it was 'hanging in the balance' due to the YSRCP's decision to review all projects that were initiated by the TDP.

Specifically mentioning Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy's decision to review and re-negotiate power purchase agreements (PPAs) made during Naidu’s time, the JSP noted, "The government needs to create a situation where it can attract investments and an environment to generate wealth. Instead, in contrast, it has been polluting the business environment by creating terror among the investors and industrialists."

The party also took note of the situation of public health in the state, saying, "The government is in silent mode when the state is reeling under a health emergency. It should have advanced health preparedness before the onset of rainy season. There is no action from the government while the people are suffering with seasonal fevers from Srikakulam to Anantapur."

Pawan Kalyan and the JSP also took note of the YSRCP's confusing stand on Amaravati.

Referring to a statement issued by Municipal Administration and Urban Development Botcha Satyanarayana, the JSP said, "The press statements issued by ministers are creating confusion among the people of the state. The YSRCP government achieved a dubious distinction by creating misconceptions among the people over funds allocated to Ammaravati and developmental activities surrounding it."

"The government must pave the way for the development of Amaravati. It must be a symbol for self-respect of the people of the state. The future generations will not forgive us if the capital city falls prey to individuals' selfishness and political vendetta," the JSP added.

Lastly, pointing to one of Jagan's key promises of prohibition, the JSP pointed out that a major chunk of revenue growth of the state since the YSRCP took power, was through liquor sales.

"Surprisingly, the government is claiming that it has reduced income from liquor sales by showing false data. The state has earned an income of Rs 6,485.67 crore during the 2018-19 financial year through sale of liquor. In the current financial year, it has already generated Rs 7,137.44 crore up to July. That means there is an income growth of 10.05%. Where has the government reduced income?" the JSP asked.

"Transparency is mandatory in the government administration. The government has kept about 60 Government Orders (GOs) in secrecy. Information about financial matters is being removed from government websites. Information in other departments has also been kept as confidential. It is the basic right of the people to have access to information, on the government's performance," the JSP concluded.

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