CNN News 18’s Karma Paljor clears a popular misconception.

You think anchors dont wear trousers This journalists last bulletin was for you
Social Media Friday, March 31, 2017 - 22:12

In what is truly a memorable sign off, CNN News 18 anchor Karma Paljor ended his last bulletin with the national news channel in style and with a touch of humour.

Hoping to clear one “popular misconception”’ before he left the studios of Network 18, Karma tells the audience that a video that has gone viral in the UK has created the myth that anchors don’t wear trousers while anchoring bulletins. Getting up from his seat, the journalist then proceeds to rest his case: “Yes, most of us do wear trousers, as you see me right now.”

And while a mic drop would have been the perfect finish for his studio exit, Karma wittily notes, “I wish I had a mic to drop right now, but I don’t and other things are extremely expensive to drop.”

Instead, he chooses to end on an amusing note, saying for the last time, “So, this is Karma Paljor signing off, with his trousers on.”


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