Siddaramaiah is unwilling to leave the residence, reports say.

Yediyurappa Siddaramaiah in tussle over staying in Cauvery bungalow
news Politics Monday, October 21, 2019 - 09:05

Karnataka Chief Minister Yediyurappa has reportedly asked former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah to vacate Cauvery, the government bungalow in Bengaluru's Kumara Park area, where he has been based for the last six years, after he served as the Chief Minister from 2013 to 2018. 

The Department of Personnel and Administrative Services (DPAR) reportedly offered Siddaramaiah the option to move into Yediyurappa’s previously allotted bungalow at No 2, Race Course Road, in what will be a straight swap of accommodation. 

Officials said Yediyurappa's intention to occupy Cauvery bungalow is due to his struggles in managing meetings at both Krishna (official office/residence of the CM) and his private residence in Dollars Colony.

“By officially moving into Cauvery, the chief minister is trying to stem the flow of people to his permanent residence and also to ease travel woes from Krishna to his permanent residence after official meetings,” said a senior DPAR official speaking to the Times of India. 

Cauvery bungalow is located next to Krishna bungalow and the two properties are divided by a small gate. 

Siddaramaiah, however, is unwilling to leave the residence. Reacting to the news that his name board has been taken down at the bungalow, “It is a government bungalow and I have to vacate it if I am asked to do so. What was the need to remove the name board?” Siddaramaiah said as per The Hindu. Siddaramaiah has also written to DAPR to allow him to continue to live in Cauvery bungalow since he was appointed Leader of Opposition. 

Yediyurappa initially moved into the bungalow at No 2, Race Course Road, after taking charge as Chief Minister of the state since he considered it to be lucky for him. He has been using it for the past three months.