Xiaomi to release 'MIUI 9' based on Android N in August

Expected to launch on August 16, the MIUI will have features like the split screen mode and picture-in-picture mode.
Xiaomi to release 'MIUI 9' based on Android N in August
Xiaomi to release 'MIUI 9' based on Android N in August
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Xiaomi has prided on its UI skin over the Android OS and all Xiaomi devices feature the MIUI. Xiaomi also keeps updating the functioning of the UI as the updated Android versions are released. Though there have been reports from the company that the latest version, MIUI is undergoing upgradation, there was no firm date announced for the official launch of the new UI.

The new announcement is therefore significant. It is also understood that the company may keep upgrading the devices one by one and by August 16, the process may be completed and an event will be held to formalize it.

There have already been reports of the UI making an appearance on some Xiaomi phones with the users not sure what it represents. These were in the form of screenshots, which were later clarified as the new theme on the MIUI 9. The confusion got created since some websites reportedly mentioned that this was some new feature. The company claims it was keen on knowing what the users feel about the new theme design.

In terms of the features newly added on the UI, the split screen mode and the picture-in-picture mode will be available on the MIUI 9 platform, in readiness for the Android O which is expected to have these features. Of course, the Android Nougat version already featured the split screen capability and Xiaomi phones will be able to run the functionality smoothly on all their devices.

Yet another new feature would be that the users can do a recording of their smartphones’ screenshots and store them.

Overall, Xiaomi wants to assure its customers that the MIUI 9 will definitely be more powerful and offer a smother interface and easier handling of apps on their smartphones and other devices.   

Xiaomi has also launched a few more products in the Chinese market, like a laser projector and even an ultrasonic toothbrush under its Mi Ecosystem initiative.

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