Would you marry Sunny Leone?

Would you marry Sunny Leone?
Would you marry Sunny Leone?
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The News Minute | November 9, 2014 | 11.50 pm IST

One simple question: Would you marry Sunny Leone?

WTFIndia asked this question to a number of men on the streets of India. Answers varying across yes, no and maybe, showed a diverse range of opinions on the idea of the kind of woman an Indian man hopes to marry.

While some of the men outright rejected the idea of marrying a former porn star, others said that it didn't really matter.

Does this video blatantly show the misogynist attitude taken by many men against women and how their idealistic partner needs to be?  Watch and find out. If no, the fact that all of the men admit to knowing the actress itself diminishes the value of their opinion of whether they would be willing to marry her or not. 

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