Wednesday, June 03, 2015 - 05:30
A Kerala woman has complained that she is getting abusive calls because she shares the same phone number in real life as one of the stars of the Malayalam film "Chandrettan Evideya" does on-screen.   The 39-year-old woman, a professional trainer at a driving school in the capital district, complains that ever since the film was released last month she has been getting non-stop calls, sometimes in the middle of the night and loaded with lewd comments.   "Ever since the film got released, my phone has not stopped ringing," the woman laments.   "It has come to a stage where my family life too has taken a toll. My husband is angry because my phone rings in the middle of the night. Some callers abuse me and some others use lewd language," she said.   Exasperated, the woman has registered a police complaint and has also filed a court case against the director and the three producers of the film.   "When I called up a person associated with the film and its production and narrated my problem, he just laughed it off and said what harm can a phone number do," the aggrieved woman said.   An officer at the Malayankeezhu police station near here told IANS the woman has filed a complaint and they advised her to approach the court.   The case is now being heard in a lower court here. She has demanded that the screening of the film be stopped and that she should be paid a compensation of Rs.50 lakh for the trauma she is undergoing.   An advocate commission has been appointed in the case and is expected to file report later this week.   "It is unfortunate that people associated with this film were so callous. They should have certainly thought about this scenario. My client is seriously affected because of the nuisance," said her counsel.   The film, directed by Sidharth Bharathan, son of legendary Malayalam director late Bharathan, stars popular actors Dileep, Anusree and others.   The woman has the same phone number as Namitha Pramod is shown to have in the film.   Similar unfortunate incident has happened in the past as well. One of the random numbers tattooed on movie star Aamir Kahn's body in film "Ghajini" reportedly turned out to be the actual phone number of a Mumbai woman, who would get inquiries about Aamir on her phone.   With IANS