The woman claimed to have come to the hospital with one of her relatives who was undergoing an operation

This woman stole a 4-day-old baby from a Bengaluru hospital and coolly walked awayImage: Left: Woman seen walking with the baby, Right: Close up of the baby
news Monday, October 05, 2015 - 12:30

The CCTV footage from the government-run Bowring Hospital in Bengaluru released by the police shows a woman in burqa walking away with a 4-day old baby on Sunday. 

The mother, Farida delivered the baby at 4pm on Thursday in the hospital. However, the infant had to be shifted to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) as it was not breathing well.

On Sunday, Farida was called to feed her son. Farida’s sister, Salma had left to the pharmacy to buy medicines.

Farida met the woman who claimed to have come to the hospital with one of her relatives. She gave the woman the baby as she wanted to hold the baby for a while. 


The woman seen walking around in the hospital at 12:30pm before she met Farida

Farida left the baby with the woman as she wanted to used the restroom. But, when she returned, her baby and the woman were missing.  She looked at the nearby wards, but did not find the woman.


Ten minutes after the woman is seen walking out with the baby 

 She alerted her husband Syed Mujid, who is an autorickshaw driver. 


A minute after the woman stole the baby.

Nobody in the hospital doubted or stopped the woman.

“We have obtained the footage but the video is not clear. Its quality is being enhanced. There are other clues we are working on, and will nab the woman. She had come prepared to steal a baby by covering herself in a burqa,” said a senior police officer.


The woman was seen speaking to  this man after she had stolen the baby.

The hospital authorities confirmed that he had not come for any treatment and suspect him to be an accomplice.


Woman seen outside the hospital. She is hiding the baby under her burqa.

Within two minutes the woman made her way out of the hospital with the baby.