Will Telangana State Assembly be dissolved in the next 24 hours? BJP, Congress react

While the BJP feels the state assembly will not be dissolved immediately paving way for early elections, Congress say bring it on.
Will Telangana State Assembly be dissolved in the next 24 hours? BJP, Congress react
Will Telangana State Assembly be dissolved in the next 24 hours? BJP, Congress react
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Will Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao dissolve the Telangana State Assembly on Sunday after his afternoon cabinet meeting? Opposition parties in Telangana are divided in their response to the rising speculation on the eve of the Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS)'s mammoth party meet on Sunday. The political speculation in Telangana is that KCR will dissolve the assembly on Sunday and the recommendation would be binding on the Governor.
The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is of the view that the TRS supremo will not go for early polls as his government still has eight months left to complete its term. The BJP says that if TRS plans to hold polls before the end of government term, they would request for President’s rule in the state in the remaining months. The Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) in response to the speculation says they are ready to face polls any day but would request the Election Commission to revise the state’s voter list
Speaking to TNM, Krishna Sagar Rao, spokesperson for BJP said, "We don't think it's a possibility as we don't see pre-polls possible for a government almost eight months prior to its regular term. The elections for the four states in the country are due in the 3rd and 5th week of November this year. There is not enough time for the Election Commission (EC) to incorporate Telangana in its election roster,"

Citing further reasons as to why Telangana will not witness early election, Rao said, "Our agenda for simultaneous election is still on, so why would we give assent to Telangana government to go for early polls. It defeats our purpose for simultaneous elections across India for national interest," he added.

When asked how the party would react if Telangana assembly was dissolved, Rao replied, "See if he (KCR) dissolves assembly we will demand President’s rule in Telangana. His plot is to continue as caretaker Chief Minister but we will request for President rule. A caretaker CM cannot run the State for 8 months. We also think he is scared of the election outcome."

However, TPCC Chief Uttam Kumar Reddy said his party is ready to face polls whenever the KCR government is ready to go for polls, be if immediately or as per EC schedule.

"The Congress is ready for election whether they want to hold it, now or as per schedule. KCR is sure to bite the dust, the people are fed up with him. The people of Telangana are not willing to be fooled by KCR again. What he promised in 2014 has not been delivered so far. KCR thinks if he makes some promises now and if call early elections he can fool the people of Telangana (sic)," said Reddy.

In the event that Telangana State Assembly is dissolved in the next 24 hours, Uttam Kumar says the Congress would go by the EC’s decision on the matter.

"We will go by what decision EC takes. We only request the EC to revise the voter list before the polls. As such, the voter list revision is due from September 1. We are saying EC could hasten the process if they can," he added.

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