"We will swiftly defeat the virus, bring back our critical supply chains and lift our economy to unprecedented new heights," Trump said.

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Coronavirus Coronavirus Thursday, October 15, 2020 - 10:10
Written by  PTI

The US will have a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine before the end of this year, President Donald Trump said on Wednesday, assuring the country's corporate sector that if re-elected, he would deliver optimism, opportunity and growth. Trump, who tested positive for the coronavirus on October 1 and was admitted to a military hospital for three nights and four days, declared himself cured after he was treated with an experimental antibody drug cocktail. White House doctors have now cleared him for holding election rallies.

"The choice facing America is simple, it is the choice between historic prosperity under my pro-American policies or very crippling poverty and a steep depression under the radical left," Trump said in his White House address to the Economic Club of New York as well as the Economic Clubs of Chicago, Florida, Pittsburgh, Sheboygan, Washington DC. The President said that if re-elected, he will deliver optimism, opportunity and growth.

"They (Democrats) will deliver pessimism, stagnation, decline and very high taxes. Simply put it's a choice between a socialist nightmare and the American dream. Under my leadership, we will have a safe and effective vaccine before the end of the year. We will swiftly defeat the 'China virus' and bring back our critical supply chains and lift our economy to unprecedented new heights," Trump said, adding, "If the Left gains power, they will shut down the economy, close schools, delay the vaccine, prolong the pandemic and impose the most extreme policies in the history of the country."

Listing out the achievements of his administration in the last four years, Trump said that his policies have benefited those who need it the most, 6.6 million people have been taken out of poverty, created seven million jobs and in the first three years, real income for the typical family has increased by USD 6,000. He asserted that he has taken the toughest-ever action against China's chronic great abuses.

"When the China virus arrived, we launched the largest mobilisation since World War II. To defeat the virus, I am breaking through every obstacle, cutting every piece of red tape, and moving heaven and earth, the FDA has been fantastic. They are proving things in one week that would have taken two years," he said.

Stating that he is not interested in making friends in the corrupt media, Trump reiterated that his sole focus is protecting the American lives and making lives good for American people.

"We will beat this virus and we will eradicate this pestilence and all of the things that happened to our country, our lives, and our planet," he said.

Trump said that his aggressive and early action saved up to 2 million lives and reduced the fatality rate by 85% since April.

He said that he is also working to get emergency approval for the powerful antibody treatment he received that has shown extraordinary promise.

"As you know, a week ago I wasn't feeling so hot and I had a drug, Regeneron that made me feel very good very fast. I think it's they call it therapeutic but I don't think it was therapeutic. I think it was a cure. For me it was something that was very good. Now who knows maybe it would have happened anyway, maybe I would have recovered beautifully anyway. All I know is once I had Regeneron it worked out very well," Trump said.

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