The wild goosechase: Do you actually have it with you, Biju?
The wild goosechase: Do you actually have it with you, Biju?

The wild goosechase: Do you actually have it with you, Biju?

They all needed to know only one thing: Saadhanam kaiyil undoh?

Solar Scam accused Biju Radhakrishnan on Thursday took Keralites on a wild inter-state goose chase for the incriminating CDs, with the media as prime bait.

Saadhanam kaiyil undoh? (Do you have the stuff with you?)

I’m sure any Malayalam movie buff would be familiar with this dialogue from Priyadarshan’s Akkare Akkare Akkare- the third movie in the series featuring the iconic Vijayan-Dasan (Mohanlal-Sreenivasan) duo.

Thursday saw Malayalis being glued to their TV sets with all Malayalam news channels airing live coverage of Biju’s imminent zeroing in, on the incriminating CDs.

They all needed to know only one thing:  Saadhanam kaiyil undoh?

On Dec 2, Biju claimed to possess visual proof of six prominent politicians including Kerala CM Oommen Chandy, allegedly receiving sexual favours from Solar Scam co-accused Saritha S Nair.

On Thursday afternoon, Biju said that he would need 10 hours to submit the CDs to the Commission, probing the multi-crore Solar Panel Scam that first rocked Kerala in 2013.

Biju said he had three copies of the alleged video, one of which was confiscated by the Kerala police in 2013 itself, following his arrest from Coimbatore. The second was abroad, while the last one was with a friend at an undisclosed location.

The Commission then asked a team of five policemen along with its counsel Hari Kumar, to accompany Biju in his quest for the CDs.

Followed by a horde of camera-toting and microphone-wielding journalists, the Don Quixotic journey began at 3.45 pm on Thursday from Kochi.

By 8 in the night, they were at his relative’s place in Selvapuram, Coimbatore and so was the rest of the world too, it seemed.

The cloth bag containing the vital clues was then handed over, only to reveal a handful of visiting cards and SIM cards. Biju now claims someone got to the CDs before he could.

So where are the CDs? The nation wants to know…well, at least Kerala wants to!

As a smart aleck commented on Whatsapp: “After using the money kept for buying ration to top up my mobile, I have every right to know: Saadhanam kaiyil undoh?” 

And about the media’s frenzied coverage, the public seems to have made its opinion clear, where as some in the media have defended that the coverage was just a part of the demands of the job.

We will sign off with what senior journalist MG Radhakrishnan had to say. “After spending 8 hours in Pandalam listening to MN'S inspiring life and politics, I come down with a huge thud on terra firma as I watch channels chasing a porno cd allegedly featuring the state's Chief Minister. Cry, my beloved country.”

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