Why then dear CM did you not let the people decide for Karunakaran in 1995?

Oommen Chandy had led the call for then CM K Karunakaran's resignation in the ISRO espionage case
Why then dear CM did you not let the people decide for Karunakaran in 1995?
Why then dear CM did you not let the people decide for Karunakaran in 1995?

“Do unto others what you want them to do unto you,” so says the Bible. Well, apparently Kerala CM Oommen Chandy does not abide by the same.

On January 13 1995, the Kerala High Court had pulled up the CBI for not being thorough in its investigation in the ISRO espionage case and for exonerating IG Raman Srivastava IPS, a close confidante of then CM K Karunakaran.

Though Karunakaran’s name had not cropped up at any point in the investigation, he had to put in his papers after being hounded out by his own party members especially the AK Antony group vociferously led by our present CM Chandy himself.

Incidentally, the Supreme Court ended the 73-month old spy drama in April 1998 which had begun with the arrest of Maldivian national Mariam Rasheeda in October 1994 in Thiruvananthapuram with a clean chit to all the six accused including ISRO scientist Nambi Narayanan.

Now when the Thrissur Vigilance Court called for an FIR to be filed against our honourable Chief Minister -later stayed by the Kerala High Court- Chandy wants the people to decide in his case.

What goes for you does not for me…is that the case now, dear CM?

Suddenly Chandy seems to have woken up to the fact that the masses are the pillars of a functional democracy.

But was it not so back in 1995. If I remember right, India became a democracy way back in 1947.

Why then didn’t Chandy give Karunakaran the benefit of doubt and wait for the ISRO case to unravel legally, when he himself now stays glued to his chief ministerial chair come what may.

In this video news clipping you have a very conscientious Chandy talking about how it was imperative that Karunakaran resigns in the wake of eroding trust in the Congress party as well as the ruling front in Kerala.

Has no one told our very own Chandy that the scenario is eerily similar to what’s being played out in the Solar case now?

Does our Chief Minister even now not realise that his clinging on to the vestiges of political power will only serve as the last nails to the grand coffin that his government has royally dug out for itself in the upcoming Assembly elections in May?

Somehow Chandy now reminds me of the proverbial ostrich digging its head furiously into the sand, stubbornly refusing to acknowledge its exposed bottom for all to see…and the audience definitely includes the watching masses.

Or did you just hope we’d all go blind, my most respected Chief Minister!

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