Flix Friday, April 24, 2015 - 05:30
Frustrated at the poor condition of roads in a particular stretch in Whitefield, Bengaluru, a city-based man made a video of the entire stretch and uploaded it on social media.    Karthikeyan Balasubramanian, a software engineer, calls his video a "Documentary Filmed on the Magical Journey between Hope Farm Signal and ITPL in the ITPL Road, Whitefield, Bangalore." The video, which was shot by Karthikeyan's wife Preethi,  aims to highlight the poor shape of the pothole-riddled roads and also the pavements in the nearly 2 km stretch.   "Recently, the road had been dug up in several places. However, the repair work had not been carried out properly and now with the rains, the road is a mess," rues the Whitefield resident, who is also part of the Whitefield Rising group.       Karthikeyan wants to raise awareness through the video and hopes that officials will take notice of the pathetic condition of the roads and work towards its improvement. "Around 30 percent of the road is useless. Commuters have to use the rest 70 percent. We regularly see or hear of accidents on the road. When rain water fills up in the road, it is scary to drive because I don't know if there is an open manhole anywhere," he says.   "A friend of mine took around 40 minutes to cross the stretch yesterday, which he should have been able to cross in less than half the time were the road in good shape," he adds.    Though Karthikeyan asserts that it is the duty of the civic authorities to provide citizens with basic public infrastructure facilities, he also states that he is only looking for engagement from the authorities and is not making a demand. "Majority of the tax in Bengaluru comes from Whitefield but no one bothers to take care of basic civic facilities here," he says.    Several people have commented on the video on YouTube which has garnered over 2,900 views till now.    "I do this route everyday and its hell," wrote Anandhi S. Another user named monstersandeep said, "It's appalling and unfortunate that a video has to be made and circulated to remind the government of their duties to tax paying citizens, wrote a user named monstersandeep."   Here's the video.  Video of k1LiCkof1cs