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BMTC buses and their drivers and conductors have always been a source of irritation and anger for many Bengalureans, but the actions of one BMTC conductor make him an everyday hero that some of us have the fortune to meet. Basuki Nandan, an Associate Manager with software company Mu Sigma Inc, relies on BMTC buses to commute to work. As on any other day, Basuki boarded a city bus and purchased a ticket which cost Rs 70. Not having the exact sum, he handed over a Rs 500 note and realised that he had not collected the change, only after about two hours. Dejected at the thought of having lost his money, he decided to pursue the matter on intuition, and tried to find the conductor despite being discouraged by people around him. In 24 hours, Basuki was not only be able to track the bus and conductor, the latter promptly returned the change after verification. This one incident changed his perception of BMTC conductors and he went home content with the realisation "good people exist".  A shy man, conductor Thanniah T was quite surprised that so many people had appreciated his honesty and promptness. "The money wasn't mine, it was his. I only returned the money what he belong to him," he said. Basuki shared his experience on Facebook and The News Minute is reproducing the post with permission:  "While commuting to office yesterday, I happened to forget collecting 420 bucks change back from the conductor of a BMTC Volvo bus. And when it stuck me after two hours i got down from the bus, had no option but to regret. Though, thought of trying my luck with the unique number on the ticket i had, visited the nearest bus depot to enquire if i could get details of the bus from the ticket. "Its impossible to get the change back as its totally dependent on the conductor's morality, and you know how they are in Bangalore" is what everyone told me to whom i talked about the incident. Meanwhile when i reached bus depot, officials told me that the ticket doesn't belong to the bus depot and that i should call the general enquiry number to know the bus details. It was government holiday is what i learnt when nobody received my call at the enquiry number. "Even if i get the bus, the conductor would say i don't know you" is what was going in the back of my mind.  Still trying on my luck, called at the enquiry office this morning - the receptionist took my ticket id and gave me conductor's number. The conductor picked my second call - " Sir, yesterday i didn't collect change from you on route to ITPL" I started off with. "Sir, I don't know good English like you - but I am coming to silk board around 2:30PM, can we meet?" He replied. It was 11:30AM then. He again gave me a call at 1:00PM to tell me his bus number.  2:30PM at silk board, I saw the bus with the same number coming - with the same conductor standing beside the driver. I boarded and took a seat while he was still looking for someone outside. "What will he do next.." I thought to myself looking at him. He, then, took out his phone and called me - "I am here" I said to him waiving my hand. He checked my ticket and confirmed that it was from the same bus and returned 420 bucks back. I am writing this for many others like me in Bangalore who have the similar assessment on the BMTC bus conductors. We need to appreciate people like Mr. Tandchan, the bus conductor (in the picture below) - would have been very easy for him to disassociate the incident off his plate. There exist good people, everywhere"     While commuting to office yesterday, I happened to forget collecting 420 bucks change back from the conductor of a BMTC... Posted by Basuki Nandan on Wednesday, 22 April 2015  
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