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Siddhartha Mishra| The News Minute | December 17, 2014 | 4.12 pm IST “Who we look for says a lot about who we are”- Learned person With the year drawing to a close, Google have come out with trends of the most “googled” topics of the year.    With the exception of two, the remaining eight entrants on the most searched people in India for 2014 are all affiliated with the Hindi film industry or Bollywood. And while the 2014 elections came and went, only a single politician found his way to the top ten, and cricket got representation too. Here’s the list of India’s most “googled” people for 2014: 1.) Sunny Leone- Karenjit Kaur Vohra( if you didn’t google her you wouldn’t know this) hit the computer and mobile screens of Indians (who knew where to look) long before she sashayed into the reality show Bigg Boss. While she has left little to the imagination, we, sex-starved and waiting for the utopia that is the legalization of porn, at the risk of sounding disturbing couldn’t apparently have enough of her.  2.) Narendra Modi- The PM of the country, who was addressed by some TV channels as so even when he technically was not (phew...), has been beaten by Sunny Leone. He though, was everywhere this year, from tea stalls, in our TV screens, on the radio and even in 3D. But, he who has topped every election and also this year’s Time Person of the year poll came second here.    3.) Salman Khan- Being Salman Khan must be a wonderful thing. He was making news while flying kites with the man above and even his sister’s wedding was in the news. While the 48-year old bachelor may not be the Indian Clooney equivalent (he just got married), he makes his way to the podium, which would be quite a sight. 4.) Katrina Kaif- Probably the most sought after Bollywood actress, she made news all year with Ranbir Kapoor mostly sharing headline-space. Though she abandoned the man above, for the younger Kapoor, she couldn't pip him to the podium. 5.) Deepika Padukone- Vying with Katrina for the top-Bollywood-actress bit, the former supermodel (that’s reason enough to google her), also had her share of bit hits. There was also the much ado about cleavage spat with the TOI which would have also helped her make the top five. 6.) Alia Bhatt- The youngest member of the “top ten” at 21, she has surprised many with her acting ability and intelligence (or lack of). With her being the third consecutive actress in the list, we can safely say we quite love Bollywood (actresses). 7.) Priyanka Chopra- Okay, we can remove ‘safely’ and ‘quite’ from the last sentence. The former Miss World and now pop-singer is also known as a Bollywood actress. Seventh on the list, she seems to be doing fine. 8.) Shah Rukh Khan- “King Khan” to his fans, he’s only a year elder to Sallu Bhai. But being eighth in this list wouldn't worry the second richest actor in the world. With “Happy New Year” behind him (and us), we hope the last representative of Bollywood on this list, gives us a logical, if not meaningful movie next year. 9.) Poonam Panday- On trying to Google our ninth entrant, google detected unusual traffic from our system (true). After getting through, her website is “Coming Soon!!! 0 Days, 0 Hours, 0 Minutes”. Those not naughty enough (who haven’t googled her already), are waiting, any minute now... 10.) Virat Kohli- Currently in Brisbane representing the country against Australia, the media were quite worried about his form due to Anushka Sharma. The only cricketer on the list, the 26-year-old features on the rear end of the list. Wasn’t a surprise given the BCCI hasn’t exactly covered itself and cricket in glory this year. Tweet
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