Flix Friday, January 16, 2015 - 05:30
The News Minute| October 18, 2014| 6.00 pm IST Panelists shout at each other, anchor shouts at panelists, everyone is shouting almost all the time. This is old news about Arnab Gowami's News Hour.   Despite the criticism and trolling, fact remains that the show has trumped primetime charts for years. Perhaps that's why in spite of all the shouting, there is always a steady trickle of guests on the show. Congress spokesperson Tehseen Poonawalla perhaps felt he would not be allowed to speak, and it seems he went prepared to counter it. The debate was on a 2013 June letter, written by the Principal Accountant General of Haryana that highlighted policies in which Robert Vadra's company was treated as a special case and rules were relaxed accordingly. As a result, other companies were also benefited after the policies were relaxed. Ponnawalla kept asking if Goswami would let him speak. At one point he said, 'if you have finished your address to the nation..." Goswami was already looking combustible. As other panelists 'Questioned Hooda', 'Slammed Vadra' and 'Felt Vindicated,' Poonawalla kept saying listen to my points. And finally Goswami did. But we wonder if the the point Poonawalla made was really a point. He said something like, "In the SC where you rightly said the case against Vadra was struck down- if the merits (of audit) are strong, juriscdition is not a problem for the court." Poonawalla was referring the SC's decision to strike down a PIL filed asking for CBI probe into the DLF-Vadra deal.  But Goswami disagreed and said the SC had rejected a PIL based on newspaper clippings, NOT the audit report. Suddenly Poonawalla did the unthinkable and held up a piece of paper. On it was written, "I have the answers, but he just won't let me speak." Goswami dismissed the 'drama' swiftly and told Poonawalla that he was wrong on the first sentence, what was his second? As Poonawalla kept holding the paper in intervals, Goswami went ballistic and then even laughed at the 'junior primary school argument.' "I know you came prepared with papers. Now you will go and write on social media complaining about News Hour," said Goswami. And bang! He was right. We checked Poonawalla's Twitter and it was full of News Hour. Poonawalla has retweeted many tweets by people congratulating him for trolling Goswami and calling News Hour 'Noise Hour.' At one point Goswami even said,"I will let you speak. But if you don't have a point, then you will hold that paper upside down, and say I don't have a point." Poonawalla surely wanted to fight back, but if only he had some good answers to specific questions like why the density of the commercial area was increased at Vadra's behest, it would have made a better debate. Wonder if Poonawalla will inspire future panelists on News Hour!
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