When poems leave the page for the gallery: Kochi’s poetic art exhibit you cannot miss

The show is an amalgamation of poetry, sound and sculpture
When poems leave the page for the gallery: Kochi’s poetic art exhibit you cannot miss
When poems leave the page for the gallery: Kochi’s poetic art exhibit you cannot miss
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By Deepa Gopal Sunil

Art installations are not uncommon these days but one merged with poetry is definitely unique. Installation artist, writer and director Vinod Krishna, the renowned sound designer Renganaath Ravee and artist Sharon Philip have breathed life into the display arena of Kochi’s Durbar Hall gallery uniting to bring forth an inspiring one-of-a-kind experience to the audience with this particular show – Poetry Installation 2. Poetry Installation is the brain child of Vinod Krishna.

Their second edition which kicked-off on June 9 is an amalgamation of poetry, sound and sculpture giving it a three dimension with the poems of Tensin Tsundue, Rafeeq Ahmed, Cini Mathew John and Ajeesh Dasan.

When it rains in Dharamsala

raindrops wear boxing gloves

thousands of them

crashing down

and beat my room

So begins the journey ‘When it rains in Dharamsala’ from a revolutionary poet, Tensin Tsundue, while one stands gazing at the peaceful and ever smiling Buddha while the huge boxing gloves in red is ready to pound, unannounced. The conflicting pull of violence and peace is so well portrayed there. The poem has been voiced by noted movie maker and actor, Joy Mathew. As one moves on to the illustrious lyricist, Rafeeq Ahmed’s ‘A Few Lines on Patriotism’ one would definitely feel the chill of the war zones or is it the heat! (of all those who were loved and lost for the sake of ‘politically much-needed’ wars in which perhaps everyone turns out to be a spectator at some point, wittingly or unwittingly). The futility of ‘ceremonious wars’ would definitely poke one with the heavy winged vulture head ready to engulf a fettered corpse which lies on the rifle-bed while Rafeeq’s voice resounds:

The birds on the border are

confirmed troublemakers.

Without rhyme or reason,

They keep darting this way and that.

But the time we get one on our sights,

Its nationality would have changed.

(A few lines on patriotism)

 As we move on to the scientist-poetess Cini’s poetic installation, one is captivated by the lock and the key; enigmatic yet obvious sculpture of ‘The Din on a Chess Board’ where:

Where the young

white butterflies

Have fallen down

with uncertain steps

Humble dreams

Are transformed to put out

Flames in the pains of the girl

One could hear the umpteen, unheard voices of women who constantly suffer and yet differ in their uniqueness while being held by the invisible thread of sorority. The hue and cry still habitual and the much awaited redemption are all along the way, yet afar.

(The din on the chess board)

Finally, one moves into the resting space where writer-poet Ajeesh’s poetic installation hangs in the form of an enlarged iron box which carries the mummied corpse while he laments the plight of the common man with the ‘March of the Coffins’

They are born.

They live.

They die.

And when they die

Let’s iron out the

Wrinkles on this earth

With their coffins.

What adds magic to the rendering is the sound effects along with the reading which intakes one into the zone while still being there in the moment. It is a concoction of emotions, felt and sensed in multi-dimensions.

“These poems captivate the political insecurity and oppression experienced by exiles, anxieties of the female gender in black and white, patriotic delusions and battle against injustice evaded from their lives,” mentions the concept note.

It is at an experimental level where there is indulgence on the part of the audience as well.  The written word is translated through sound, recitation and visuals enhancing the subjective elements whereby the viewers can partake in a personal dialogue or experience adding a new perspective by merging technology. “It is a two-way traffic in appreciating poetry,” feels the team.

This delightful project happened with the support of Adv. Raveendaranath. Sameereerudheen and G S Vinayan are the event managers, Dhanya K Vilayil and Adv. Shahna are the co-ordinators while Deepesh Adyogi has handled publicity design.

The exhibition will run through June 15th.

The team: (From left to right) Vinayan Sadasivan Nair, Vinod Krishna, Ajeesh Dasan, Tenzin Tsundue, Renganaath Ravee, Cini Mathew John, Adv. Shahna and Dhanya K Vilayil.

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