Having exhausted their supply of paneer related jokes, the Dilli media is now trying to persuade the Sasikala camp to appoint someone named Gobi as the Legislative Party Leader.

When Ms Muttaghose made Panneer Dosa while reporting on TN Politics
Blog Satire Tuesday, February 14, 2017 - 19:42


Since journalists outside Golden Bay Resort are currently waiting for Sasikala to finish her evening snacks, dinner, and possibly a marathon movie screening of all three Singam films (what, she even said she was a singam, clearly proving that she was a fan!), reports say that they have now decided to occupy themselves by indulging in their favourite hobbies. 

Some are birdwatching, some are cutting their toe-nails, and some are braiding their hair.

The hardworking Dilli media, however, is still doing their job. Having exhausted their supply of paneer related jokes, they are now trying to persuade the Sasikala camp to appoint someone, anyone named Gobi as the Legislative Party Leader.

"We don't want Eddapa..what-his-name. Man, it's a jallikatt every time we have to say it," said Ms Muttaghose, who is the South India expert of her channel since she has eaten three varieties of dosa in the last ten years. 

"Gobi is another ingredient we use in many of our dishes," Ms Muttaghose said. Thinking about it for a moment, she added generously that "Mattar" was also fine though she suspected that there would be very few Madrasis by that name. 

When a mean-looking "security" from the Sasikala camp warned Ms Muttaghose to keep it down as she was drowning out Suriya's dialogues from the film, Ms Muttaghose laughed airily. "These Tamil Naad people are so obsessed with movies! Always watching Rajinikanth films."

"Singam is not a Rajinikanth film," said someone in passing. 

But Ms Muttaghose was in no mood to listen. "I love South India because everyone wears lungis. It's a very cultural place. When I was three, I used to learn Bharathnatyam and I used to feel so very...what do you call it...elevated. And then, of course, there's sambhur."

Ms Muttaghose was just about to launch into a lecture on how many kinds of sambhur she's had her cheese dosa with, when the mean-looking "security" from the Sasikala camp came out once again. 

"Oh, what is this?" asked Ms Muttaghose, staring at the plate he pushed towards her.

"A kozhakattai," said the man.

"A kolakatt?" she asked.

"Yes. Keep it in your mouth," he said.

"May I have a fork and knife?" she asked.

"No," he said.

From somewhere inside the resort, an enraged Suriya could be heard pulping the villains. 

"Oh ha ha, is that Rajinikanth fighting aliens?" Ms Muttaghose giggled, as she made a mental note that the kolkatt is another dish she could mention in her next column on TN politics. 


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