What's so special about TCS, Kerala MPs ask in Rajya Sabha

What's so special about TCS, Kerala MPs ask in Rajya Sabha
What's so special about TCS, Kerala MPs ask in Rajya Sabha
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Anisha Sheth | The News Minute | March 4, 2015 | 11.36 am IST

Just when the media attention had died down, TCS has come into the limelight again, thanks to two Members of Parliament who raised concerns about the alleged layoffs in the Rajya Sabha.

Two MPs from Kerala have demanded to know whether TCS has been given any exemption by the central government in terms of labour conditions and in also appearing before the Labour Department.

K N Balagopal and P Rajeev sought to know whether the company had been exempted from appearing before the Labour Department when disputes arose. They said the company was "illegally terminating services" and asked the Law Minister D V Sadananda Gowda in the Rajya Sabha on February 28 to take notice of it.

Speaking to The News Minute Rajeev said that people affected by the layoffs had approached him in Kochi. He said that they raised concerns about TCS’ “first come first go” retrenchment policy, whereas the general labour retrenchment policy was “last come, first go” when a company had to sack people for any reason. 

He said that there had been complaints with the Labour Department in Kochi and that the officials had issued notices to the complainant, the union and the company for conciliation under the Industrial Disputes Act, but TCS had not appeared before the Labour department. He said that it was because of this, that he wanted to know if TCS had been given any "concession" or "exemption" by the central government under labour laws.

He added that trade unions affiliated to his party, the CPI (M), was supporting the IT employees as many of them were being laid off when they had families, children and loans.

In a meeting in January organized by the Federation of IT Employees in Bengaluru, Bengaluru Labour Commissioner Jinkalappa had said that the IT industry did come under the purview of the Industrial Disputes Act, which is a central law.

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