What will happen in the Baahubali sequel? Read exciting fan fiction

Why does Sivagami say "Kill me for all the sins I've committed"?
What will happen in the Baahubali sequel? Read exciting fan fiction
What will happen in the Baahubali sequel? Read exciting fan fiction
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If you have not watched Baahubali: The Beginning, go do that and get back. If you have watched the movie already, then you would know that there are lot of unanswered questions, which leave enough space for some playful and yet logical speculation. So, let's roll out the conspiracy theories. Lo and behold, ladies and gentleman, you are witnessing the birth of Baahubali fan-fiction. Watch and learn, Game of Thrones fans. Much of what we need to speculate about could be encapsulated in one single question: Why did Kattapa (Satyaraj) kill Amarendra Baahubali?

This question could hold the answer to much of what could happen over the first half of the sequel, Baahubali: The Conclusion, which leads us to the larger question, what IS going to happen in the next movie? Here is my theory. In the flashback story-line in in the first part, now that Amarendra Baahubali has been crowned the king of the Mahishmati Empire, Bhallaladeva (Rana Daggubati) and his father Bajjaladeva (Nasser) are angry. They are pretty pissed, but Sivagami's (Ramya Krishnan) iron-control and the fear of her wrath stop them from doing anything too drastic. So their blood boils, but not enough that they start spilling some of it.

Meanwhile, the young lads, Amarendra Baahubali and Bhallaladeva fall in love with a beautiful princess, Devasena (Anushka Shetty). There is a love triangle here. Bhallaladeva loves Devasena, but Devasena and Baahubali love each other. Bhalla and Baahu have a tussle over her, and Devasena chooses Baahu. Sivagami accepts Devasena's choice, being an independent woman.

In such a situation, if the two cousins were now to have a conversation like Amitabh Bachchan and Shashi Kapoor in Deewar, Baahu would say, "Mere paas king's throne hai, beautiful princess hai, love of the people hai, loyalty of the army hai, tumhare paas kya hai?" Bhalla would start saying, "Mere paas maa..." Nope. Tumhare paas maa bhi nahi hai, beta. Mommy Sivagami is also supporting cousin Baahu. Now this calls for war. Like really dude Baahu, leave something for your brother Bhalla no? So now Bhalla and father are hatching a plan, enough is enough.

Their strategy? Divide Sivagami and Baahu, use Sivagami to kill Baahu. How exactly? I am not sure. But what they essentially do is make Sivagami insecure and perhaps angry enough to want to kill Baahu. They plant the seeds of doubt about Baahu in her mind, and she gives in. Simultaneously, another war is brewing in Mahishmati due to an external threat. As the kingdom prepares for war, Sivagami uses the situation to turn to the one man who will do whatever she asks, and is capable of the task. She asks Kattapa to kill Amarendra Baahubali on the battlefield.

Kattapa cannot say no to her. But as he dies, Amarendra Baahubali says or does something which makes Sivagami realize she was wrong. Meanwhile, Baahubali's baby with Devasena is born. So reformed Sivagami announces that Baahubali Jr., Mahendra Baahubalai aka Shivudu, will be the king. Bhalladeva and father go #wtfmax and decide to kill the baby Baahubali Jr. Sivagami gets to know of their plan and escapes with the baby. This takes us to the opening scene of Baahubali Part 1.

Now what hints do we have to support this theory? One, Sivagami, while asking Lord Shiva to save baby Baahubali Jr. and take her life as she is drowning, says, "Kill me for all the sins I have committed, but let the boy live to rule Mahishmati one day." What could this sin be? Having a role in getting Amarendra Baahubali killed, yes? Second, when Bhalladeva goes to meet Devasena in her torture cell, he says, "You chose him over me, but see now no one remembers him." This could mean that Baahu (senior) and Bhalla were fighting over Devasena. And we know that Kattapa killed Amarendra Baahubali and that he will do whatever Sivagami would ask of him.

Quite obviously, the sequel's climax will see Mahendra Baahubali (junior) dragging Bhalladeva to the funeral pyre set by Devasena. The three forces, Devasena's army with Avanthika, Shivudu's tribal family and Kattapa's army will get together to defeat Bhalla. Kattapa will further seek help from the sword merchant Aslam Khan (Sudeep) who tells him in Baahubali part-1 that he can ask him for any help from him. Kattapa will die, duh. I think Devasena will also die. Bajjaladeva (Nasser) will face a humiliating death, no doubt. Few more collateral deaths will be there.

Eventually, if SS Rajamouli feels like a happy ending, Mahendra Baahubali and Avanthika (Tamannah) will rule Mahishmati happily ever after. Or if he wants a tragic twist to climax, junior Baahubali will also die, but only after getting Avanthika pregnant with next-gen Baahubali (also since they have already had sex). So Avanthika will be the new Sivagami, keeping the throne safe for next-gen Baahubali. The game of thrones never ends, yeah? And that also leaves the door open for another movie, just in case. Now what are your own fan fiction theories?

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