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The News Minute| December 3, 2014| 1.44 pm IST Apple users in the future may not have to worry dropping their phones anymore as the company has reportedly patented a new iPhone protection system of its own. On Tuesday, Apple was awarded a patent for a futuristic iPhone protection system that will recognize when the phone is dropped and calculate an estimated point of impact to shift its center of gravity. This new system will allow the phone to protect itself from damaging sensitive components during the fall, according to a report on appleinsider. According to the report, the active fall protection system was designed to acknowledge a problem that has become familiar with the iPhone 6 and 6s which is slimmest of all iPhone variants. The invention which received a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office relies on sensors to monitor device activity and positioning. The data collected by the positioning sensors is sent to the central processing unit which enables a quick and accurate device positioning determination during free fall. In such a situation the sensors and processes work together to measure speed of descent, time of impact, orientation and other metrics. This data helps the phone to activate a protective mechanism which re-positions the device in midair so as to produce the least amount on damage to fragile components on impact. The protective fall system uses a motor to impart a force on the phone’s falling rotational axis causing it to land in a favourable manner.
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