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The News Minute | December 23, 2014 | 3:00 pm IST With the upcoming Delhi elections, Aam Aadmi Party has once just resurfaced in the trending section of Twitter - this time with #KejriwalTaughtMe. Read: Mufflerman, the new Indian superhero? #KejriwalTaughtMe that there is still hope in this rotten system if you take the responsibility of bringing about change onto yourself — Gaurav Tiwari (@tiwarigaurav) December 22, 2014 #KejriwalTaughtMe if you find something wrong, either accept it, or accept the responsibility to change it. Whatever it takes. — raghu ram (@tweetfromRaghu) December 22, 2014 #KejriwalTaughtMe what i always missed. I can stand in front of an Inspector, look into his eyes and get my FIR registered. Pehle darta tha — पंकज जैन (@pj77in) December 22, 2014 #KejriwalTaughtMe to keep fighting for a better country, through ups and downs and against all odd! Hats off to you @ArvindKejriwal — Atishi Marlena (@AtishiMarlena) December 22, 2014 Twitter has been receiving a barrage of messages with the particular hashtag and it went from trending in India to trending on the worldwide list. Though a majority of the messages were in support of Arvind Kejriwal's return as the Delhi chief minister, the mandatory wisecracks didn't remain far behind. Here are some of the best from the lot Shri #KejriwalTaughtMe that After doing so many Dharnas, fasts against Corruption, suddenly Communism becomes bigger threat than corruption — Paresh Rawal (@Babu_Bhaiyaa) December 22, 2014 #KejriwalTaughtMe Dramatics — नंदिता ठाकुर (@nanditathhakur) December 22, 2014 #KejriwalTaughtMe what not to do so your party's 422 candidates don't lose deposit — नंदिता ठाकुर (@nanditathhakur) December 22, 2014 #KejriwalTaughtMe that being a CM doesn't mean you lose the rights of an opposition party (Dharna). :P — Manak Gupta (@manakgupta) December 22, 2014 "@shubh_ind: Like This pic.twitter.com/FcqVthvwIo@manakgupta: #KejriwalTaughtMe u can fight ur opponent & ask for votes in his name too!!" — Manak Gupta (@manakgupta) December 22, 2014 #KejriwalTaughtMe how to make fun of yourself pic.twitter.com/xH2AQjmOsT — Anurag saxena (@saaxenanurag) December 23, 2014 #KejriwalTaughtMe Where there is a bill, there is a way!! — Touché (@imsgb) December 23, 2014 #KejriwalTaughtMe how to use protective gears against the cold :) :) — Prakhar Deep Jain (@prakhardeep16) December 23, 2014 #KejriwalTaughtMe सब मिले हुए हैं — Aarti (@aartic02) December 23, 2014 #KejriwalTaughtMe use of jhadu!! — Happiness Alive (@chandresh_says) December 23, 2014 #KejriwalTaughtMe Not all IIT graduates are good performers. — Jineesh ജിനീഷ്‌ (@jineesh_blr) December 23, 2014 #KejriwalTaughtMe that dharna is the way to govern — csssk (@csuriyakumar) December 22, 2014 Tweet
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