The video exposes the double standards to which victims of sexual assaulted are subjected.

Were you asking to be mugged by wearing a wealthy suit This insightful parody is a must watch
Social Sexual Assault Wednesday, March 15, 2017 - 18:41

Is dressing in a wealthy suit a provocation that can get you mugged? And what if you're drunk? The blame is all the more yours!

If this sounds crazy, just imagine what victims of sexual assault go through every time the justice system and the public blame their attire or behaviour for "leading on" the perpetrator. 

In the latest episode of the BBC One Show, comedian Tracey Ullman calls out the double standards to which victims of sexual assault, who mostly happen to be women, are subjected. 

In this video, a man, who is a victim of mugging, is being questioned by a female investigator and a counsellor. 

"You look quite provocatively wealthy. Well, just a bit of an invitation, isn't it," the investigator asks. The counsellor, too, is only too eager to "enlighten" the man that it was all his fault.

The absurdity of the situation will give you the giggles, but it also puts the spotlight on a very tragic truth. 


Tracey Ullman - Mugged

Guys, is dressing provocatively in expensive suits whilst having too much much to drink causing you to get mugged?

Posted by BBC Comedy on Friday, 10 March 2017


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