Website releases ‘proof’ claiming Bose died in air crash, but Mamta wants ‘Russian angle’ probed

But will this settled the debate on Bose's disappearance? Unlikely
Website releases ‘proof’ claiming Bose died in air crash, but Mamta wants ‘Russian angle’ probed
Website releases ‘proof’ claiming Bose died in air crash, but Mamta wants ‘Russian angle’ probed
Written by:, the UK-based website run by Bose’s grandnephew Ashis Ray, has released interviews and statements of several individuals to claim that Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose indeed died after a plane crash near Taipei on August 18, 1945. Meanwhile, West Bengal CM Mamata Bannerjee has said that she does not believe in the theory, and wants the ‘Russian angle’ investigated.

In his post from London dated January 15, 2016, Ray quotes,

1. Colonel Habibur Rahman, who was then with Bose and survived the crash,

2. two intelligence teams from India led by police officers named Finney and Davis, assisted by H K Roy and K P De, who went to Bangkok, Saigon and Taipei to investigate,

3. a Japanese official Dr Tsuruta interrogated by British army,

4. a surgical nurse Tsan Pi Sha who took care of a dying Bose,

5. and Dr Yoshmi who Ray met himself. All of them confirm Ray’s claim that Bose died in a hospital following the crash.

Dr Yoshmi narrated to Ray: “A lieutenant called Nonomiya told me this is Mr Chandra Bose, a very important person, and that I should save his life at any cost. That’s how I knew who he (Bose) was.”

 When it became obvious to him that Bose’s condition was sinking, he asked Bose: “What can I do for you?”

 Bose replied: “I feel as if blood is rushing to my head. I would like to sleep a while.” Dr Yoshimi gave him an injection. After some time he was no more.

You can read the whole account here.

Meanwhile, stating that she didn't believe that Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose died in air crash, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee demanded on Friday that the 'Russian angle' in Netaji's disappearance needs to be probed.

"I don't believe that Netaji died (in air crash). This is my opinion as individual. We don't know whether he is still alive or not. May be not as it had been so many years. It is a shame for the entire country as the truth is yet to be unveiled," Banerjee said.

She was speaking at a programme here commemorating the 75th anniversary of Netaji's great escape from Kolkata.

About reports of Netaji family under surveillance after Independence, Banerjee said, "If Mahatma Gandhi was father of the nation, Netaji was leader of the nation. Had he died in the crash then why would his family be snooped even after Independence? 

"I think the Russia angle needs to be probed. I want an answer regarding it," Banerjee added.

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