'We down south, are the foundation of the nation': Pawan Kalyan hits out at BJP, Tarun Vijay

Accusing north Indian leaders of bias, the actor-politician urged southern parties to come together under one common platform.
'We down south, are the foundation of the nation': Pawan Kalyan hits out at BJP, Tarun Vijay
'We down south, are the foundation of the nation': Pawan Kalyan hits out at BJP, Tarun Vijay
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Actor-politician Pawan Kalyan took to Twitter on Thursday, to lash out against the north-south divide in India.

The Jana Sena Party chief also lashed out against the ruling Telugu Desam Party (TDP) in Andhra, for failing to secure 'Special Category Status' for the state. 

"When it comes to interests of people and state, all parties should speak in one voice, irrespective of their political differences. To get a better deal for our respective states from Centre, all the southern political parties should come under one common platform to fight against the biased attitude of North Indian leadership," he tweeted.

"If former BJP MP Tarun Vijay and his bosses truly feel apologetic about his racial remarks on dark skinned South Indians, then they should learn one of our Dravidian languages to ease the immense hurt he had caused...Vijay's demeaning racial remarks is a fine example of how north Indian elites and political class view our 'Dravida Bharatha' and its people," he added.

Pawan Kalyan was referring to Tarun Vijay's controversial remarks about South Indian people, that the latter had made last week.

"Is it not an insult which can be forgotten with an apology," Pawan had tweeted in Telugu last week.

Speaking to Al Jazeera in the aftermath of violent attacks on Africans in Noida, which many interpreted as racist in nature, Vijay had said, “If we were racists, why would we have, all the entire south, which is complete… you know, Tamil, Kerala and Andhra… why do we live with them? Black people are (also) around us.”

He later apologised for his remark.

Earlier in the day, Pawan had hit out at the TDP in a series of tweets, on the issue of 'special status' to Andhra Pradesh.

Pawan said that it was 'disheartening' to see the 'silence' of Union Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju, who is a TDP member, when the issue came up in Parliament.

"I think TDP MPs have forgotten the insult of their MPs getting beaten by North MPs in the parliament during the state bifurcation...I request TDP, "DO NOT MORTGAGE THE SELF RESPECT"of people of AP to Centre for your personal benefits...I too agree to show restraint and to be cautious with Centre, but when repeated injustice is being meted out to us, then where is the need?" (sic) Pawan tweeted.

In January this year, Pawan had told a news channel that “The north-south divide is not between people but political class. Same rule has to be applied all over.”

“What we all in southern India feel that there is a political elite class of Delhi who want to run the entire country, having majority in Uttar Pradesh. People are rebelling against that thought,” he added.

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