Police cited security reasons for their decision to ban Sunny Leone from performing on New Year's Eve.

We dont need to be afraid say Bluru citizens after police ban Sunny Leone event
news Controversy Tuesday, December 26, 2017 - 15:54

Bengaluru Police’s decision to ban Bollywood actor Sunny Leone from performing at a private New Year’s Eve event has attracted criticism from prominent Bengaluru citizens.

Police cited security reasons for their decision but it has not gone down well with a number of citizens questioning the decision.  

Revathy Ashok, who is part of the Bengaluru Political Action Committee (B-PAC) was bemused by the police's decision to ban the event. "I find it strange that somebody who wants to come and perform will not be allowed to perform. After last year’s events police are being cautious but they are taking it to the other extreme. We don’t need to be afraid. We just need to make proper security arrangements. She is an entertainer and I don't know how much of a security threat she can be. The police should be looking to provide security and I find the decision to ban her performance to be strange. ," said Ashok

Tara Krishnaswamy, a member of Citizens for Bengaluru said that this was an admission by the police and the government of their inability to uphold law and order in the city.

"When a private company wants to hold a perfectly legal activity it is an admission of their inability to maintain law and order. This is the government and the police together admitting that they don’t have the capacity to uphold law and order in which case they should step down and admit their failure of governance,” she said.

Meanwhile Harish Bijoor, another member of B.PAC, said he believed that the police were right to be cautious.

"It is true that it is good to create a free environment for artists to perform in the city but on this occasion I think the decision was taken considering last year's events and I support that. I am with the Bangalore City Police and prevention is better than cure. The utmost importance is the safety, security and peace that Bangalore enjoys ", he said.

Harish, Managing Director of Times Creation and organiser of the event, confirmed that he had received a notice regarding the refusal of permission.

“I had requested security provision for 8,000 people and they (police) told me that they have an intelligence report which says that more than 8,000 people will gather for the event. They have specified that they won’t be able to provide security on that particular day,” said Harish.

Sunny Leone was slated to perform at the White Orchid Hotel at Nagavara in the city, but police verbally denied permission for the event citing security as the reason. Harish had moved the High Court pointing out that 50 similar events were granted permission, but a letter seeking permission for the event where Sunny was to perform had not been considered by the police.

Police were also under pressure from Karave Yuva Sene, which had held a protest on December 15 in front of Manyata Tech Park against Sunny Leone coming and performing in the city. The protesters, wearing black ribbons and armed with brooms, burnt posters featuring the actor.

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