news Thursday, June 18, 2015 - 05:30

Image courtesy: S R Biradar   Days after Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) ordered Nestle to withdraw all stocks of Maggi noodles from stores across the country, the college-dorm staple is now being used as fuel to energise boilers at the ACC cement factory at Wadi in Karnataka's Kalaburgi district. Tonnes of Maggi packets are being incinerated at the plant to be used as alternative fuel. The News Minute spoke to Kalaburagi Food Safety officer R S Biradar who explained the process of how Maggi noodles was being crushed to fine powder and being used as fuel for the boilers in the cement factory. “Maggi is crushed to 40 mm and it is mixed with other waste material such as rice chaff and then fed into the boiler to be used as fuel,” he explained. This is a private arrangement between ACC and Nestle company, he said. According to him, trucks from 13 states across the country have lined up outside the factory. The stock started arriving at the cement factory on June 9, and the crushing process began on June 13. As on Wednesday, nearly 1110 tonnes of Maggi noodles packets have been brought to the factory, of which 780 tonnes have already been incinerated.  Watch the exclusive video of Maggi noodles being reduced to powder. Video of eevsn_hBW0Q   (Video shot by S R Biradar, with commentary by one of the ACC employees)