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The News Minute | January 7, 2014 | 10:54 am IST One maternity hospital in China has opened its doors for would-be-fathers where they can sign up for labour-pain camps. The motive behind the¬†√Ę‚ā¨ŇďPain Experience Camp√Ę‚ā¨¬Ě in¬†Jinan Aima Maternity Hospital is to let expectant fathers understand and appreciate the hardships that the mothers of their babies go through during¬†pregnancy- one of the most¬†excruciating phases being during labour, states a report by The Wall Street Journal.¬† The December 18, 2014, report states that ever since the hospital¬†opened the camp in November, more than 300 men had signed up as test subjects.¬† In the camp, the hospital uses¬†electrodes to simulate the sensation of contractions.¬†Electrotherapy, sometimes used in rehabilitation, is used in such cases to simulate the sensation of childbirth, 'with the electricity causing muscles to spasm'. However, 'unlike actual childbirth, these sessions last about three to five minutes', states the report.¬† The men are given electric shocks to their bellies and can be seen howling and writhing in pain. The electricity level is then gradually increased from 1 to 10. The pain of real childbirth is said to even exceed those level.¬† The hospital got the idea of such a programme after a survey of patients which found that expectant mothers wanted more spousal sympathy.¬† One expectant father, described the experience to WSJ as, 'hot steel balls dropping on his stomach and then a hook being gouged into him, followed by the ripping of his innards'.¬† However, such tests aren't new to China and have been conducted in other parts of the world too.¬† Watch the video by WSJ here: Tweet
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