Once again, JKR’s Twitter burns are winning the Internet.

Watch out Harry Potter fans JK Rowling has a snarky response for those planning her deathCourtesy whitehouse.gov via Wikimedia Commons
Flix Social media Thursday, February 09, 2017 - 14:08

The Harry Potter books formed an important part of many people’s childhood (and more) across the world. And even though the original series ended (books and films), fans have continued to keep the magic alive years later.

So, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the author, JK Rowling, also holds a rather special place in fans’ hearts.

But someone took their love for JKR a little too far, and a certain ‘tribute’ to JK Rowling was doing the rounds on social media. Only, it had to do with her death.

And on Wednesday, the write-up came to JK Rowling’s notice. It appears that a fan tagged her on Twitter with how they would react when JK Rowling dies. And while the write up itself is moving, JK Rowling wasn’t entirely pleased.

Here's her response:

While JKR was nice enough to not give away the identity of the person who tagged her in the picture, she did say she’d not like to be a part of her funeral plans just yet.

Twitter users were quick to respond to JKR and while some supported her, others responded with humour and some responded in true Harry Potter style. One person also quoted Albus Dumbledore and said: “Death is but the next great adventure.”

Check out the responses here:

Oh and, some people took offense to the fact that the writer of the morbid tribute said that his/her children will not know what Harry Potter means to them.

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