The video was released on Friday and has already been shared by over 1,500 users.

Watch Malappuram cops hilarious road safety video goes viral
news Road safety Saturday, January 04, 2020 - 19:17

“He wants to reach college by 9.30 am, but he leaves home just five minutes before, and that too in his motorbike, through the jam-packed road that doesn’t even have space to occupy a needle. When someone back home reminds him to wear the helmet, he shuns it saying that the gel in his hair will get ruined if he wears them,” so goes the funny narration in the Northern Kerala dialect. The lines are from a hilarious animation video on road safety created by the Malappuram district police.

The video, which is around five minutes long, grabs our attention and makes us watch it wholeheartedly because of the unique style of narration. From the youths who ride motorbikes in triples to the elderly man who rides his son’s two-wheeler without the required documents and minus helmet, the video sarcastically takes on every possible kind of traffic rule violator in Kerala.

“He will buy a tempered glass screen protector for his phone’s safety for Rs 800. But at the same time, he won’t bother about buying a helmet for the same amount. If at all he buys, he won't bother to wear it. And if the police show their hands to say ‘stop’ on the road, excuses comes up - ‘It is my exam, I got very late’ etc. But then, there will be three of them sitting on that bike, like bread pieces stuck to each other,” the video says.

The video titled 'Narmathilude marmathilek’, meaning ‘Making the point through humor’ was released on the Facebook page of the State Police Media Centre Kerala on Friday evening. The video has already been shared by close to 1,500 people.

The video also warns riders on the road that there will be no compromises when it comes to punishments.

“The son who came from abroad goes straight away and buys a new car. He hops into the car wearing a tip-top dress, and then the display screen in the car starts to beep 'ki ki', showing a message in red that reads ‘wear me, wear me’ since he has never bothered to wear the seatbelt. But then, if the friend on the phone to whom he is talking while driving the car asks him ‘But isn’t it against the rules and won’t you get caught?', he says he can compromise things by giving hundred bucks to police. But then, that time is all done and dusted,” say the police in the video.

“There are schools, hospitals and zebra crossing on the way. There are some rules that have to be followed in these places. And if that is not done, and one rides vehicles without helmets, seatbelts, without wearing uniforms (for public transport vehicles) and talking over the phone while riding, we won’t come behind you - but then, from your dress to the number plate of the vehicle, everything will be captured by the cameras. The summons issued by the court will come to your home. If the fine is not paid, your vehicle cannot see the road again and you cannot come out of jail,” the police reminds riders in a fun yet thought-provoking way.

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