‘PC Kuttanpilla Speaking’ Part 2 comes nearly a month after the pilot episode was temporarily scrapped after it caused a bit of a row.

Gibin Gopinath plays PC Kuttanpilla in a series by Kerala Police
news Social media Friday, July 03, 2020 - 16:48

The second episode of PC Kuttanpilla Speaking, an online series launched by Kerala Police, is out now, nearly a month after the pilot had caused a bit of a row.

It was on June 6 that the Kerala Police’s social media team launched the first episode of the series, which was going to be the police’s reaction to social media content from the people in the state. However, many people were offended by the nature of the commentary, which they said took on the form on ‘roasting’, which they did not expect from the police. The social media pages of Kerala Police had so far been lauded by people for its humorous take on issues and prompt responses. However, with the new series drawing public criticism, the police had decided to scrap it temporarily, till they could find newer content.

On July 2, part 2 of the series was launched with a policeman reacting to videos that are of public interest and creating awareness on civic issues.

Police officer Gibin Gopinath who had played Kuttanpilla in the first episode reprises the role. Gibin had spoken to TNM about the online abuse he had received after the pilot and how they were ready to correct the mistakes from the first experimental episode.

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While in the first Gibin made comments on actual social media content, here scenarios were recreated by team members to drive home messages regarding safety. In one of the stories, a man is caught riding without a helmet or mask (to prevent the spread of COVID-19) and when he pleads with the police that he stepped out to buy medicines, he is let go with a petty fine. However, he is later seen recording a video, alleging misbehaviour by the police when he had “followed all the rules”. Similar road safety issues follow in the 6.5-minute video, peppered with humorous comments and apt sound effects.

The film is directed by Arun BT, another police officer from the social media cell.