Watch: Five hilarious video spoofs on Apple’s iPhone 7

Thank you, internet.
Watch: Five hilarious video spoofs on Apple’s iPhone 7
Watch: Five hilarious video spoofs on Apple’s iPhone 7
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The new iPhone was launched on September 7 and as with every new launch, it’s in the news for things both good and bad.

The new phone has got plenty of iPhone enthusiasts excited to try Apple’s latest tech offering, but it has attracted plenty of ridicule as well on the internet for its exorbitant price and – no points for guessing – for its wireless earpods, among other things.

But the internet is an amazing place and some of the reactions are downright hilarious. From people creating their own versions of the iPhone 7’s 170 second highlights video to parodies about what the launch should actually have looked like, here’s a list of our favourite video spoofs on the iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 launch vs. how it should have gone

Are you one of those people who cannot differentiate between an iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6 Plus? This one is for you. Watch how this guy rips apart all the “hatke” stuff iPhone 7 claims to have.

What an honest 170 second iPhone 7 recap would look like

There have been a few of these floating around but this one is our favourite. Comedy group AIB doing what they do best.

What the iPhone will look like many years from now

Apple’s decision to remove the headphone jack has been the butt of many jokes but this Mashable video, takes it to a whole new level.

iPhone 7 for $50?!

Tim Cook may have launched the iPhone 7 on September 7 but what most people may not know is that it’s not going to be available till September 16.

So American host Jimmy Kimmel decided to see iPhone users could be tricked into thinking they had the iPhone 7 by changing their phone cover.

Watch what happens next.

What life would look like with Apple’s wireless earpods

VJ Jose Covaco illustrates here just how (in)convenient Apple’s wireless earpods could be. Watch his hilarious take here.

And then a gullible chap asked him where he got his hands on the earpods. Here’s Jose’s answer.

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