The latest video by Jump Cuts has a man trying to find a house for rent and running into everyday prejudices in India.

Watch This comedy channel tackles the biases behind Chennais ubiquitous To Let boards
Flix Comedy Tuesday, April 03, 2018 - 12:50

That India is a land of 'unity in diversity' is something we've all been taught from our schooldays. But the idea of this 'unity' is strongly tested by religion, caste and differing yardsticks of morality. While we all wake up to these challenges when they explode before us violently, we hardly question everyday prejudices.

Tamil YouTube comedy channel Jump Cuts, which is run by Hari and Naresh, has released a new video with the politics surrounding the 'To Let' board.

As anyone who has tried to get a house in India will attest, house-owners have the most bizarre set of conditions that they expect tenants to fulfill. From their marital status to their dietary preferences, everything comes under examination from a house-owner.

The video begins with Jefferson (Hari) from Netherlands who wants to rent a house in Tamil Nadu for the next five years. But his hunt for a house turns into an adventure. All the roles – from Jefferson to an irate auto driver to all the house-owners – are played by Hari.

The first question he is asked is "Are you a bachelor or family?". When Jefferson says that he's a bachelor, he's immediately denied a house. "Bachelors will create a lot of problems" is the reasoning. In his next attempt, Jefferson lies that he has a family back in Netherlands, but is denied a house because this particular house-owner only wants bachelors.

He then runs into a "clever" house-owner who offers to buy him food before he sees the house, but it turns out that it was a trick question to find out if he eats non-vegetarian food. "We're pure vegetarian, Iyengar. No house for you," the man says.

Next, he's denied a house for not having the "right" name (a hilarious reference to the 'Petromax' Senthil-Koundamani comedy and the BJP's H Raja) and for lying about being Muslim too.

The video also takes a jibe at the 'Toilet' misspelling which is often found on the 'To Let' boards.

In the end, Jefferson declares that there is no unity in diversity in India as has been claimed and decides to go back to the Netherlands.

The video has found resonance with a number of people and has garnered over 4 lakh views in less than 24 hours.


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