Watch: ‘Chaayappaattu’ by singer Sithara and Muhsin Parari is on love and loss

While Sithara has composed and sung the song, Muhsin has written the lyrics.
Kerala Singer Sithara
Kerala Singer Sithara
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'Chaayappaattu', a song composed by singer Sithara Krishnakumar, released recently on social media and has become a hit.

Sithara, who has also sung the romantic song, posted it with the caption: "Chaayappaattu  - narrates a woman’s experience in love while she enjoys tea in a lonely dawn."

The effortless style of the singing is catchy and leaves the listeners captivated. The lyrics have been penned by Muhsin Parari who has written for films like Sudani from Nigeria and Virus. The locally spoken words in the lyrics give one an immediate sense of connection.

The song is about love and loss.  Any Malayalee would be able to relate to the visuals -- a hot cup of black tea, a dawn after rains, a vast verandah that has the perfect view of greenery. 

The song calls lost love a 'sweet pain' and hence the tea, in the song, is sugarless. 

Though the woman is not in the frame and we see mainly the black tea in the tumbler, the video still manages to tell a story. One more tumbler of tea is added in the second part of the song, but it's only half-full. We're shown a long shot of the verandah with the black tea glasses, and the greenery in the background.

In the last stanza, the woman wants to sleep as much as she desires, and she tells herself that she must enjoy this love before her time is over. She covers herself with the blanket that her lover has brought from his land of pain.

Her eyes have been wandering everywhere, in pain.  “And you saw a hundred flowers blooming in them, didn't you?” she asks.

The song has been released to interesting comments. One social media user on YouTube has posted that the sentiments in the song are strong and that there was no dearth of sugar for the listener, while another has commented that it’s a sulaimani (black tea) song which has the taste of mohabath (love).

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