Deric was talking about how the Friday morning was rather wet and windy when the wind decided to play its own games.

Watch After Kerala reporter Irish scribe gets almost blown away on live TVScreenshots
Social Video Monday, June 26, 2017 - 16:41

A few days ago, News18 Kerala reporter Anish had his taste of the sea, literally, as he reported on it. While he was speaking about the turbulent sea, a huge wave crashed down on an unsuspecting Anish, making both his knees and the umbrella he was holding, give in. The hilarious clip was shared widely when it came out.

In a similar incident, all the way in Ireland, another reporter got a taste of the unpredictable weather he was reporting on. Only this time, it was the wind, not the sea.

TV3's Deric Hartigan, just like Anish, was holding an umbrella as he reported live, on June 23.  He was talking about the shift in weather from a heat-wave-like-situation to a wet and windy start to a Friday.

"It’s not a great old start to Friday morning, it’s wet and it’s pretty windy out there and that’s the picture we’re painting right across the weekend," he says, completely unaware that he's going to get blown right out of the frame in just a moment.

Watch the video here:

The hosts back in the studio could not keep a straight face at the scene which unfolded in Deric's live broadcast.

A flustered Deric finally comes back to face the camera, laughing, and trying to manage his upturned and probably broken orange umbrella.

He even joked about the faux pas on his Twitter handle later, saying, "When it goes wrong; it goes wrong! Welcome to summer 2017!" 

In another tweet, he shared the Facebook link to the video, calling it his "career highlight".