The video on Instagram has garnered more than 1 lakh views.

Watch Actor Raai Laxmis sarcastic dig at the rising onion prices
Flix Onion Prices Saturday, December 14, 2019 - 16:39

The exorbitant price of onions soaring to almost Rs 100 and more per kilogram in various parts of the country has made it into a luxury item in the kitchen. The crisis has affected the households very badly. To highlight the crisis and draw the attention of the government, many have created funny memes and videos on TikTok application. Joining this crowd, actor Raai Laxmi has shared a funny video on her Instagram account.

In the video, an elated Raai wears a earring and says to her friend, Poppy Jabbal, “Isn’t it pretty, Pops! Someone special gifted it to me.” To which her friend replies, “It’s nice, but it’s not as nice as what I have.” A visibly shocked Raai, looks at the necklace worn by her friend, agrees and says, “Wow!”

The friend then turns to the camera, showing the expensive necklace which is in fact an onion. 

Stressing on how onions have turned into a rare commodity, she says, “It’s not only pretty, it’s rare and so very thoughtful,” much to the jealousy of Raai.

The video was shared on Thursday with the caption, “In today’s time where onions have become our luxuries,” and has garnered more than 1 lakh views.

Meanwhile, the government has taken steps to stabilise the onion prices. As part of it, they have been importing onions from Egypt and Turkey. The Central government has given approval to import 36,090 metric tonnes of onions to tide over the crisis. Out of this, already 21,090 metric tonnes of onions have been imported, which includes 6,090 metric tonnes from Egypt and 15,000 metric tonnes from Turkey, according to reports.