However, before professional help arrives and you are on your feet, you can minimize the damage.

Was your vehicle submerged in the floods Some tips to try and fix it
news Car tips Friday, December 04, 2015 - 21:24

If you are a resident of Chennai or any of the adjoining districts, it’s more than likely that the ongoing floods due to the incessant rains have submerged your vehicle, partially or worse fully.

With the water levels receding in many parts, vehicle owners are well advised not to rush and make a futile attempt to start their vehicles. According to experts, it is likely to inflict more damage than already caused, as once a car is started in such a condition, more water will be pushed throughout the engine, transmission, brakes and other car parts.

Often, flood-affected cars, especially when waters cross above the engine level, will be rendered non-drivable. However, if you want to try your luck to check if your car has weathered the flood-waters, patience might be your best ally.  

According to Jim Gorzelany, an automotive Journalist with Forbes, even though a submerged car might start, its power steering and electrical systems are vulnerable to abrasions, causing premature failure, as floodwater is corrosive.

For people living closer to the sea, chances are that seawater will get mixed with clogged rainwater, which is even more abrasive.

Ideally, an extensive disassembly is suggested to negate the damages caused to the vehicle, by thorough cleaning through authorized technicians.

However, before professional help arrives and you are on your feet, you can minimize the damage.

First and foremost, the battery system has to be detached from the car, to prevent further damage.

Next, the water has to be drained out of the car manually. There might be residual mud and dirt, which also have to be removed. It is also advisable to siphon out contaminated gear oils.

Hopefully, if your car is of the latest make, it comes with a sealed fuel tank; otherwise you need to clean the fuel tank too.   

Amongst other things, your car’s wheel bearings might also have to be replaced.


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