Want an orderly Namma Metro ride? Ten commandments we should all obey

There’s nothing more infuriating for a harried passenger than stragglers at the ticket gate.
Want an orderly Namma Metro ride? Ten commandments we should all obey
Want an orderly Namma Metro ride? Ten commandments we should all obey
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It’s not just you. Everyone in there with you is in just as much of a mad, blinding rush in the mornings. But, fellow Namma Metro users, that doesn’t mean our commute has to feel like a mosh pit or a football riot every morning. It could all go in a much more peaceful, orderly manner, if we would just follow the ten commandments for riding on Namma Metro.

Thou shalt stick to the right

The escalator, dear commuter, isn’t a joyride. Surely, you don’t need your friend by your side for hand-holding the entire way. Surely you could manage a conversation while standing on two different steps without obstructing another passenger’s path. How about we stick to the right side of the escalator and think of the left side as the “express lane”? That way, people who are in a hurry can run up the escalator without having to say “Excuse me” at every step.  

Thou shalt not jump the queue

Special thanks are in order to the CPRF at the airports. The queues we manage to stick to at airport security can only be their doing. Queue jumpers are the bane of Namma Metro especially at the x-ray machine.  While you’re climbing over other people to dump your laptop, your purse and your lunchbox into the scanner, take a second to pause. There’s probably someone already there ahead of you.

And don’t even think about cutting a line at the ticketing counter.

Thou shalt not straggle by the gate

There’s nothing more infuriating for a harried passenger than stragglers at the ticket gate. Don’t hunt for your token/card right in front of the gate – step aside. Fish out your ticket in advance, the rest of us have a metro to catch. Also, please don’t be a good friend and lurk around in front of the gate, waiting for the rest of your party to arrive.

Thou shalt not be sheep 

Let’s try and not huddle like sheep at the platform, especially at the landing of the escalator. There’s at least a 50-metre platform for us to walk down and position ourselves on. It won’t kill you to use it.

Thou shalt not be a human wall

The metro arrives at the platform and we surge forward to the opening doors. A wall of humans blocking those trying to get down. Maybe, if we made way for the people getting down, we’d actually have space once we get in?

Oh, and in case we didn’t notice, the painted lines we are standing on tell us just where to stand so we can get on board in a comfortable fashion.  

Thou shalt not hug the door

As we step into our metro ride, that familiar voice urges us in Kannada, English and Hindi to not stand by the door, blocking the entrance for others. But clearly most users don’t seem to understand these three languages, and are paying no heed to the people scrambling just outside, desperate to get in as the guard blows his whistle. Let’s move into the coach. You will not miss your stop, if you don’t stand by the door, I promise.

Thou shalt not dance the pole

The metro lurches forward and those of us not tall enough to reach the handrails above, reach out for the nearest pole. And what do we get instead? Flesh that we really didn’t want to get our hands on. Let’s not make it awkward for those around. The stylish pole-lean can be saved for another place and time.  

Thou shalt not be a seat grabber

Seriously, you can’t stand for ten or fifteen minutes it takes to get to your stop? How about offering your seat to someone who actually requires it – like a senior citizen or a pregnant woman?

Thou shalt not shove

I understand you have to get off the metro, just as much as I do. But I’m not looking to crowd-surf my way to the platform because you’re in a hurry. I’d really appreciate it if you don’t push and shove me out of the door.  

Thou shalt make room

We’re finally at our metro stop but not before one last nuisance. Ladies and gentlemen, there’s a sensor at the gate. I can’t pass through the gate with you crowding me from behind. Give me the room so you can leave soon too.

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