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The News Minute | February 19, 2015 | 02.20 pm IST For a while now, a Whatsapp message has been doing the rounds predicting the winner of each World Cup match and along with it the winner of the coveted Cup too. According to the results provided by the message, the four teams that will make it to the semi finals are Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka and wait for it, India. However, it goes on to state that South Africa will pick up the coveted golden World Cup on March 29. Sportskeeda did a complete analysis of the match predictions and came to a conclusion that the predictions were flawed (a sigh of relief for Indian fans) This is a snapshot from india.com of the match predictions made in the Whatsapp message. However, from an analysis it did , Sportskeeda soon figured out that the Quaterfinal matches between the teams did not fit into the World Cup format at all, indicating that India will not be meeting New Zealand in the quarters and that the assumed winners South Africa will not be meeting Pakistan in the quarters. Even though the viral message has got some of it wrong,  it has also made the some tough predictions that turned out true - like Ireland beating West Indies this week. The match predictions also had some pretty unlikely winners such as the Afghanistan team winning against Scotland and UAE winning against Pakistan.  The origins of this message is not known, but whoever is behind it sure has some knack for making the right choices. 
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