Video shows Mizoram youth beaten with rod in Bengaluru, now NE tenants in area told to leave

The three residents repeatedly shouted abuses at Jerry, and beat him with hands and a rod.
Video shows Mizoram youth beaten with rod in Bengaluru, now NE tenants in area told to leave
Video shows Mizoram youth beaten with rod in Bengaluru, now NE tenants in area told to leave
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A shocking video of the assault of a Mizoram youth by three residents in RS Palya in Banaswadi has emerged. The video shows the student, Jerry, being repeatedly beaten with a stick and abused by the three residents over a minor parking issue.

The video shows Jerry from Mizoram and another friend confronting the residents of a house on Sampanna Road after finding his scooter fallen on its side on the road, and being damaged. The residents – one man in a white lungi, another wearing a striped t-shirt and a woman – instantly go on the offensive, telling him to shut his mouth, and calling him a b*****d.

The man in the striped t-shirt claims to be a police officer, and shouts at Jerry to leave and pushes him. As Jerry and the friend start to walk away, the man in the white lungi runs up and starts hitting Jerry with a rod, and with his hands. He also repeatedly abuses Jerry.

When another man in a striped lungi tries to intervene, the woman warns him off.  And the man in the striped t-shirt says that “by tomorrow” Jerry should leave the area.  

The incident, which occurred on December 26, came to light soon after another case in which a student from the North East was pushed out of a moving vehicle.

According to the Banasawadi Inspector, members of the North East Students’ Association approached the police and a suo motu case of assault was registered against the trio. They were arrested on January 11.

“The incident occurred at 2am and the victim was the neighbour of the accused. The arrested are Clifford Wilson (80), retired security officer, Carlton Wilson (56), former school principal, and Lynn Wilson (54), assistant manager with a private bank,” the Inspector added.

Police said that Jerry was celebrating Christmas with his friend and rushed down when he heard the sound of a vehicle falling and went down to check if it was his. The neighbours then started abusing Jerry and assaulted him as he had parked his vehicle in front of their house.

Rini Ratle, Co-ordinator of the Northeast Solidarity Forum, said that the incident has vitiated the atmosphere in the area, with all North Eastern tenants in the building being told to leave.

"Jerry worked as a hairdresser in a salon. When I visited him, he was crying uncontrollably and was scared of living in the area. He and his friend vacated the house and Jerry plans to leave the city altogether. Other tenants in the building, who are from the North East were also asked to vacate. One boy, who lived in the apartment above Jerry's was asked to leave as well. I told him that we could conduct a protest outside the house but he told me that he feels threatened and does not want to live there anymore," said Rini Ratle, Co-ordinator of the North East Solidarity Forum

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