Video shows Hyd BJP MLA overseeing 'weapon training', Muslim groups call it threat to peace

The video shows Goshamahal MLA Raja Singh overseeing some youngsters being trained with swords.
Video shows Hyd BJP MLA overseeing 'weapon training', Muslim groups call it threat to peace
Video shows Hyd BJP MLA overseeing 'weapon training', Muslim groups call it threat to peace
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Even as several inflammatory statements of BJP MLA Raja Singh from Hyderabad are doing the rounds on social media, a new 'training video' has emerged, and mane people in the Old City area worried.

Two days ago, a video surfaced on social media that showed Singh overseeing some youngsters being trained with weapons like swords, at the Raheempura Ground in Old City.

Majlis Bachao Tehreek (MBT) spokesperson Amjed Ullah Khan has called the video a "possible threat to peace", and alleged that Singh was "organising militia training for misguided Hindu youths, to form a brigade for sedition."

Stating that a Muslim group doing the same would have been arrested by now, Khan also claimed, "I am apprehensive that this brigade will be activated during the coming Bakrid season and they will create a law and order situation in various places of the state. If now we do not put a bridle on him, remove his fangs and curb his activities, he will contaminate the whole state."

This came on the same day that the Goshamahal legislator said that there was no place in India for those who did not sing 'Vande Mataram'.

Addressing a crowd near Bhopal, Raja Singh said, "You have to sing Vande Mataram. If you don't sing it, you have no right to be in India. You will see soon that we don't have to put a sword to your neck. You will lower your head, get on your knees and accept to sing it because you want to stay in India."

In a police complaint filed with Hyderabad Commissioner of Police M Mahender Reddy, Khan attached a copy of the training video, and wrote, "I humbly submit that it is high time to maintain peace and tranquility and check such activities which tarnish the secular fabric of a cosmopolitan city. Therefore, I beseech you to take stern action against Mr Raja Singh to ensure communal harmony."

Khan, in an earlier video, had also warned that if police doesn't stop Raja Singh, “MBT workers will be forced to stop it."

Raja Singh is no stranger to controversy, and the MLA has been accused of making controversial statements and speeches, particularly against Muslims.

Last week, Singh had said, "To those who warn of dire consequences if Ram Mandir is built, we were waiting for you to say this, so we can behead you. You can hold our feet, and we will make your Babar's Masjid somewhere else. This is Hindustan. If anyone lives here and taunts Hindus, we won't let them stay here."

After Singh's statement, the Hyderabad police registered a case against Singh under section 295A of of the Indian Penal Code (deliberate and malicious acts intended to outrage religious feelings of any class by insulting its religion or religious beliefs).

However, the legislator remained unfazed, and a day later, he reiterated his demand for a Ram temple at the disputed site in Ayodhya, and said that he was ready to give his life, or take a life, for it.

Several cases of hate speech and trying to promote enmity between religions are also pending against the MLA.

He has also been arrested a few times in the past.

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