The 2-minute video shows passengers being instructed to evacuate the aircraft.

Video Passengers on Emirates flight scrambling for luggage after flight crash-lands
Social Dubai Airport Thursday, August 04, 2016 - 08:46

The crash landing of an Emirates flight from Thiruvananthapuram at Dubai International Airport on Wednesday shook the passengers. 

EK 521 crash landed in Dubai at 12.45pm local time. All the 282 passengers and 18 crew members were safely evacuated. 

In the 2-minute video seemingly shot by a passenger, passengers can be seen being instructed to evacuate the aircraft immediately.

As smoke began to fill the aircraft, many passengers can be seen scrambling for their hand luggage, before following the instruction of the crew and heading out the emergency exit. 

The video uploaded by Khaleej Times has been watched and shared many times with numerous comments questioning the attitude of passengers.

“There is a fire on the plane and people are bothered about their hand baggage!! You DELAY the evacuation by doing so. These people are very lucky it was a 777. The floor of an Airbus A350 is designed to collapse to absorb the impact of such a landing, closing off the aisles in the process. No way would the passengers have got time to "take their baggage" and get out in time. Fate\God was on their side.”

“I'm so sad to see people more worried about their bags than their lives. Not only putting their lives in danger but the crew who have to wait for them to evacuate before evacuating themselves”

"I was on duty when this accident happend.i saw it very closely .salute to the team who evacuated all passengers on took minutes when the flight got burn completely...godforbid it could be big disaster if the luck was not on passenger side..they were looking for baggage at very short time of evacuation...i saw it how my collegues were sad for the passengers they were praying almighty ALLAH for their safety...always remember safety first"(sic)

"These morons (the passengers) are wasting time picking their baggage & thus hampering evacuation procedures! Typical third world mindsets!"

"The hand luggage is obviously their necessity. They did loose their baggage. Thr hand luggage mostly cud consist of important/official documents, passports, keys to their storages, cash, laptops holding important data, etc. Being an expatriate in any country, handbags are equally important as life to ppl. It has all the reliabilities and authentification of being one."


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