Video: Intel agency releases footage showing 2014 Church Street blast suspect

The blast led to the death of a 38-year-old Bhavani from Chennai and injury of one man
Church Street blast
Church Street blast
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Over a year after the Church street blast shook Bengaluru, the National Intelligence Agency released a video footage that shows the terrorist suspected to have planted the bomb.

According to the description, the footage was taken at 7 pm in Church Street on the day of the blast, December 28, 2014.

The intelligence agency has urged public to come forward to identify the suspect and would be rewarded with Rs 5,00,000. The informer's identity would be kept secret.

The footage shows the suspect getting into Church Street from the Empire Hotel corner. Apart from the shoulder bag, he is seen holding a plastic bag in his hand. He was wearing a white cap and scarf around his neck.

According the Indian Express report, NIA concluded that the suspect also inspected the street before planting the bomb. He reportedly went up to M G Road metro station and returned to Church Street only to plant the bomb, which was in his shoulder bag, near the restaurant. 

The bomb that went off near Coconut Grove restaurant on Church Street led to the death of a 38-year-old Bhavani from Chennai and injury of one man. 

Initial investigations after the blast suggested that the explosive, which was wrapped in a cloth and then in a Telugu newspaper, could have been a pipe bomb or an improvised explosive filled with shrapnel in the form of iron pieces.

NIA took over the investigation from the city police five months after the blast took place. 

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