This video of Hugh Jackman recording for 'Logan' is as intense as it gets

"The Wolverine" saga started 17 years ago and Jackman has starred in nine films of the "X-Men" franchise.
This video of Hugh Jackman recording for 'Logan' is as intense as it gets
This video of Hugh Jackman recording for 'Logan' is as intense as it gets
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In Logan, Hugh Jackman plays Wolverine one final time. 

"The Wolverine" saga started 17 years ago and Jackman has appeared as the superhero in nine films of the "X-Men" franchise.

While we can never have enough of Jackman playing Wolverine, the actor recently treated his fans to a video of his Automatic Dialogue Replacement (ADR) sessions in Logan. 

In the roughly 30-second video, he can be seen recording his dialogue- more like grunting and growling in a fight sequence- for the movie. And it is quite amazing. 

Hi. Logan 20th Century Fox

Posted by Hugh Jackman on Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Jackman had also posted a video for his fans on his Instagram page thanking them for the "17 awesome years" just a few days ago.  

Thank you. HJ.

Posted by Hugh Jackman on Sunday, 5 March 2017

Prior to filming for the "X-Men" series, he never lifted any weights, Jackman had said before the release of his film.

The 48-year-old has had to bulk up to portray the role of Wolverine in the film franchise.

Jackman said he used to find the idea of spending hours in the gym ridiculous, according to

"Before 'X-Men', I'd never lifted a weight in my life. I used to work at a gym and I'd make fun of all the guys in the weight room," the actor told Metro newspaper.

"I thought the way they'd look in the mirror for two hours a day was ridiculous," he added.

The Real Steel actor is currently undergoing treatment for skin cancer once again. 

Earlier this month, Jackman was in Taipei in Taiwan for the promotion of Logan and had come to a media session wearing a dressing after having a sixth basal cell carcinoma cut from his nose.

He jokingly said he is in a happy phase in spite of not "healing as much" as he wished to.

When Jackman was asked if he ever wished to have the healing powers of Logan, he jokingly said pointing towards his nose: "You can see I am not healing as much as I wish I had. I wish I had little bit of Logan's healing powers."

However, he was quick to add: "I am happier in general. I am fine and happy. Yes, we become sad and regret in life but nothing to the degree that owns this man (his character in the film). He was a good man. I was always touched with the character. He had a good heart."

Writer-director James Mangold, who took charge of bringing the character and his journey to a conclusion with Logan, previously worked with Jackman on "The Wolverine" in the year 2013.

This new "X-Men" film will not just witness the end of Jackman's character as a mutant superhero, but will also be the swansong appearance for thespian Patrick Stewart, as his mentor and father figure in the form of the character Professor Charles Xavier.

The film also stars Merchant, Richard E Grant and 11-year-old Dafne Keen, who plays the role of Jackman's daughter and young mutant X 23. 

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