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That video of fastest cashier woman was funny no No Shes inspirational
news Viral Sunday, October 30, 2016 - 14:44

A few days ago, several among us were laughing our hearts out and sharing a video of a women cashier counting cash and depositing money at a very slow pace. Let’s admit it, all of us found it funny. She was being mocked mercilessly online.

But here’s is the thing: it’s not really funny, and we are the ones looking like heartless clowns now.

A week after that video titled ‘Fastest cashier of the world’ went viral, it has now emerged that she is an elderly banker at a Bank of Maharashtra branch in Pune, and she has an inspiring story.

Activist Kundan Srivasta wrote on Saturday on Faceboook that the cashier, Premlata Shinde, has survived two heart attacks and a paralytic stroke.

In the video, she is seen accepting money, counting the money and updating the same on the pass book, at a slow pace. 

Srivastava wrote that although Shinde is due to retire in February next year and had enough leave accumulated to sit at home till her retirement with full pay, she chose to finish her service in a dignified manner.

To fulfil her wishes, her branch set up an additional cash counter for her, and the persons shooting the video were ignorant of all this. 

Moreover, Shinde’s husband passed away and she had to fend for herself as her only son lives abroad. 
This story first appeared on News Crunch


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