The event is conducted a day after Ugadi every year.

Video In annual Ugadi ritual people in Andhra village throw cow-dung at each other
news Tradition Friday, March 31, 2017 - 09:38

In an annual tradition, Andhra Pradesh’s Kairuppala village in Kurnool district, organised its 'Pidakala Samaram', which involves two sides throwing cow dung at each other.

The event is conducted a day after Ugadi every year.

The symbolic war occurs over a mythological marriage dispute.

There are two sides to the battle, one group of fighters (of castes such as Golla and Kammara) throw cow dung in the name of Goddess Bhadrakali and the others (the rest) do so in the name of Lord Veerabhadraswamy.

Finally, they all celebrate the wedding of Goddess Bhadrakali with Lord Veerabhadraswamy. 

According to the villagers, long, long ago Lord Veerabhadraswamy wanted to marry Goddess Bhadrakali but there was opposition to the wedding and it lead to a dispute. Back then, the choice of weapon of the people from Goddess Badhrakali’s side was cow dung cakes, a tradition which continues to this day.

Devotees also believe that the practice brings health, prosperity and rains to the villages. It is believed any injuries or aches and pains suffered during the fight would be gone in three days by applying 'Tilak' of Lord Veerabhadraswamy on their forehead.

Watch two videos from the event, held this week, below.

Watch our earlier video, explaining the ritual, below.


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