Veteran war hero’s murder cracked by Bengaluru police two years after he was killed

Police said that 19 other theft cases were brought to light up on the arrest.
Veteran war hero’s murder cracked by Bengaluru police two years after he was killed
Veteran war hero’s murder cracked by Bengaluru police two years after he was killed
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More than two years after a veteran war hero of the 1971 Indo-Pak war was found murdered at his house at Greenway Villa in Huksur, the Bengaluru Rural Police have finally arrested five persons in connection with the case.

Air Commodore Parvez Khokhar was a decorated officer of the Light Combat Aircraft programme. He was found dead in his villa located in Huksur, off Hosur, on November 24, 2014. The police, on February 9, 2016, arrested Srinivas (21), Girish (33), Subrahmani (29), Nagaraj (28) and Satyanarayana in connection with another case, which led them to solve the war hero’s murder too.

On November 23, 2014, the five accused persons arrived at Parvez’s villa in an SUV. Four of them entered the gated community, while one of them, Satyanarayana waited in the vehicle, which they had parked outside.

“Upon interrogation, the accused confessed to watching the air commodore’s house closely for two days before breaking in. These men are part of a 12-member gang,” said Bengaluru Rural SP, Amit Singh.

“Girish stayed outside the air commodore’s house to signal the three others, who entered the house. They had finished searching two rooms when the air commodore saw them. He tried to fight them and overpower them. However, two of them tied up his hands and legs and gaged his mouth with a cloth and ended up killing Parvez Khokhar,” Singh said.

The three of them did not find anything valuable in Parvez’s house.

In 2016, a series of break-in had occurred in Bengaluru rural and a special team was formed to investigate it. One of the reported break-ins was at a home located 500 m away from the Air Commodore’s house, which belonged to a prominent builder named Zuber Ahmed.

“On July 20, 2016, the thieves had entered the builder’s house and had stolen gold, a pistol, 20 live bullets and property documents. The five suspects were traced and interrogated separately and one of them confessed to Khokhar’s murder,” Singh added.

The SP also said that the arrest has brought to light 19 other cases of theft. Valuables worth Rs 1.25 crore and property documents worth Rs 60 crore have been seized.

In August 2016, when the police were planning to file a closure report, DSP SK Umesh, who was initially probing the case, had been transferred to Anekal. After his transfer, he began tracking gangs that were operating in Huksur area and started a fresh probe into the case, Umesh said.

“During this course of investigation, Cat Raja and Kitty, who are well-known gangsters in the area, were nabbed and the police had unveiled over 100 other cases. Further investigation revealed that another newly formed gang was involved in burglary. The gang targeted bungalows and villas only. After receiving a tip-off, we arrested them and one of them confessed,” Umesh added.

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