Vellapally Natesan shouldn't float new party but join BJP, Madhavan Nair says in interview

Former ISRO chief Nair defends Natesan, says media distorted his remarks on Naushad
Vellapally Natesan shouldn't float new party but join BJP, Madhavan Nair says in interview
Vellapally Natesan shouldn't float new party but join BJP, Madhavan Nair says in interview
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Patron of the ongoing Sammathwa Munneta Yatra (March for Equality of all Hindus) in Kerala, G Madhavan Nair has this piece of advice for the Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana (SNDP) Yogam General Secretary Vellappally Natesan: “I would advise Vellappally to join the BJP rather than float a new party.”

Having just relinquished the post of the President of the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA), Nair was all emphasis on how the brewing dissatisfaction of Keralites with both the Left front and the ruling United Democratic Front would usher in a third political alternative.

Nair believes that with the ongoing Yatra and its subsequent political outcome, Malayalis will now have the option of choosing a government which would represent their actual interests and not just that of a particular section of people.

“Corruption is the root cause of all social ills. It begins at the top echelons of power and slowly trickles down, leaving an entire society in the grip of a socio-political malaise,” said Nair.

When asked to explain his support to Vellappally Natesan who has been bogged down by accusations of alleged mismanagement of micro-financing institutions and other corrupt practices, Nair clarified that he supported the cause for which the Yatra stood i.e. Equality for all Hindus. “Corruption if proved should be dealt according to the law. All are same before the law of the land,” Nair told The News Minute.

He also believes Vellappally stood a better chance to carve a niche for himself in Kerala politics by joining the BJP rather than float a new political party, keeping in mind the fact that BJP has already garnered almost 12% of the vote share in the just concluded local body elections.

Asked to comment on the controversy around Vellappally’s recent utterances during the Yatra the former ISRO chief termed it a mere distortion of facts by vested interests.

“Have you heard the actual sound byte? Nowhere has Vellappally made a communal statement. All he did was state facts dramatically. He did not in any way try to demean Naushad’s selfless act. He was just trying to draw attention to the fact that had the same deed be done by someone from the majority community, it would have gone unnoticed.”

Nair recounted many similar cases, where the government did not take the trouble to even reimburse the medical expenses incurred, much less offer a job. “What is wrong in Vellappally trying to highlight this anomaly? The rule should be the same for all, irrespective of whether you belong to a majority or minority community.”

Asked whether he saw himself in an active political role in future, Nair said he would prefer a mentor’s role rather than a political one. “I have expressed my moral support to Vellappally’s Yatra because I genuinely believe it will provide the required momentum to increase the collective bargaining power of the Hindu community as a whole. And that is the need of the hour.”

Nair said that all Hindus cutting across castes should come together for the welfare of the community. “The Nair Service Society (NSS) by staying away from such an initiative will only harm its future prospects of growth. Three things are required for the uplift of the Hindus: Increased investment in education, acquisition of job skills and a solid presence in the present political system.”

About the alleged sense of disquiet prevalent among the religious minorities due to reportedly growing intolerance in the country, Nair had this to say. “I will blame it on pure media-hype. This is the disadvantage of all modern means of communication. Instant messaging, Whatsapp, social media just try to blow a mere odd incident or two completely out of proportion. Those were just mere law and order problems and should be viewed and dealt with accordingly.”

He attributed Amir Khan’s recent statement to the actor’s shortsightedness, wherein Amir missed the bigger picture. “Hinduism has always been an accommodating religion and that will never change.”

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