Why ask political questions in an interview about film?

Upset over irresponsible question on Cauvery issue actor Prakash Raj walks out of interviewImage: File photo, Prakash Raj Official/Facebook
news Cauvery Dispute Tuesday, October 04, 2016 - 17:07

Actor and director Prakash Raj reprimanded a Kannada channel anchor for asking him a question on the Cauvery dispute, still considered a hot potato.

Bengaluru-born Prakash Raj was being interviewed by Kannada Channel Janasri News  on October 1 about his new Kannada film “Idolle Ramayana”.

The multi-lingual artist asked the anchor and the channel to be sensitive while asking questions on the issue at this time when the issue is still volatile. Before he walks out of the interview, he asks the media in general to be responsible while dealing with such issues.

Here’s what happened:

The channel’s anchor asked Prakash: “What do you think of the Cauvery issue. Is the Supreme Court right or wrong? You think there will be a solution and who is being a hindrance- Tamil Nadu or Karnataka?”

Prakash: Actor, director, producer Prakash Raj is here to talk about films and not about governance. This issue is a very important, deep and sensitive topic and not just something that is affecting the farmers. A person answering such questions must talk with a sense of responsibility. Please do not ask me questions like these during an interview for my film.
This should be relayed by the channel.

The anchor moves on to ask her next question however, Prakash interrupts her and asks the front camera person to stop rolling.

Prakash: What have you achieved by this? People are already angry. Is this a question an actor needs to be asked? How do you think like this?

Anchor: (inaudible)

Prakash: This is not the time for such a question. Why are you not being responsible? There is a time and space for such question and that is a basic rule in media. Isn’t this wrong? How have I wronged you? Why did this question arise in “Idolle Ramayana” meeting?

Anchor: We wanted an opinion from our actors

Prakash: We all are actors. There is a problem

Prakash, as he removes his microphone, tells the crew to never approach him.

This has happened at a time when many pro-Kannada activist have accused Sandalwood actors for not actively participating in the Cauvery protest.

Actor and Congress leader from Mandya Ramya has also been pulled up by activists for protesting on social media and not out on the streets.


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