The amounts you can add are in slots of ₹25, 50 and 100 but you can enter a custom amount as well.

Uber introduces tipping feature for driver-partners in India
Atom Shared Mobility Saturday, January 25, 2020 - 19:36
Written by  S. Mahadevan

If you felt quite happy with the Uber ride you took and feel like tipping the driver, there’s a new feature in the Uber app to do so. Uber has this feature already in some of the other markets, like the US for over two years. Obviously, this is applicable only if you make payments using Paytm wallet. If you are used to paying the driver by cash, then you can just add the tip and pay. The driver gets to keep that tip. In this online tipping feature too, Uber ensures that the entire tip amount reaches the driver. The amounts you can add are in slots of ₹25, 50 and 100 but you can enter a custom amount as well. And this facility is available across all vehicles, cabs, auto and bikes (Uber Moto).

Interestingly, you can go back and tip the driver for your past trips as well Uber says. Possibly, Uber got this figure of ₹25, from an analysis of tips paid by riders during the trial phase.

Drivers attached to both Uber and Ola, the two major ride share cab operators in the country, have been voicing their demands, ranging from increasing their payouts to assigning the right fares or rides through their engagement. Many drivers felt they were not making enough money through Uber, Ola. This move towards tipping the drivers may be one way to enhance the earnings for the drivers.

There are incentives built into the package that the drivers are offered. This is based on the star ratings that the customers give as feedback after each ride. The drivers are often found requesting the riders to give them 5-star ratings so that their incentive can be built.  

The cab aggregators have to ride a fine balance between offering competitive tariffs for the riders and keeping the drivers happy to ensure they are available in sufficient numbers to increase the rides per vehicle per day.