news Wednesday, April 22, 2015 - 05:30
In the last two days, two judges from Karnataka have lamented that they have lost their reputation in the judiciary due to the injustices meted out to them. Judge KL Manjunath On Monday, retired Justice K L Manjunath of the Karnataka High Court complained that his elevation to the post of Chief Justice of the Punjab and Haryana High court was prevented due to allegations by a Supreme Court judge. He claimed that he was never made known of the nature of allegations made in the letter against him which was sent to the collegium which was considering him. Reality check In July 2014, Hindustan Times carried a report stating that the Judge had illegally got a plot at the Vyalikaval House Building Cooperative Society (HBCS) in the name of his daughter. Additionally, the judge had presided over cases relating to disputes of the society.  The judge K L Manjunath’s daughter K M Chaitra, who was 20-years old then and a dependant, got a property in the Vyalikaval House Building Cooperative Society on February 8, 2004. The sale deeds in possession of The News Minute show that Chaitra was a dependant daughter and the address given is K L Manjunath’s own residence in Bangalore. According to the Bye-Law 10(A) of the Society, a member is not eligible if he or she already owns or plot/ house / flat in his or her name or any of his / her family member. However, Justice Manjunath had already owned a property in Bengaluru. Judge Veeranna Tigadi A day later, another retired judge of District and Sessions division, Veeranna Tigadi, has claimed that he was prohibited from being appointed as the Karnataka High Court due to a false sexual harassment charges by four judges. He has even filed a writ petition in the High court seeking damages of 10 crore, reported Prajaavani. Reality check However, in December 2013, a High court inquiry against him concluded that judge Tigadi “misused his power to develop intimacy with women subordinates, favour a book distributor and hire improperly,” said a report in The New Indian Express report. The inquiry was conducted by Justice N Ananda of the Karnataka High Court who concluded in his report that the judge was guilty on five of the six charges against him. In this context, is their battle of then being 'unfair targets’ perhaps a lost cause?